Faculty Senate

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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes are the official record of proceedings and actions taken during committee meetings. Please follow these guidelines for taking meeting minutes for Faculty Senate meetings.  Questions can be directed to the Faculty Senate office at senate@uwlax.edu.

University Program Assessment ad hoc Committee (UPAC)

University Program Assessment ad hoc Committee, began Fall 2016

The major tasks of this committee will be two-fold: 

  1. Fall semester: Review program assessment reports and provide feedback to enable continued improvement in the undertaking of quality assessment.
  2. Spring semester: Review program level assessment plans for academic programs and provide recommendations for plan improvements to department chairs, program directors, and departmental assessment coordinators. 

Please note: This committee serves a different purpose than the Academic Program Review (APR) Committee. The distinction between the work of Program Review (APR) and Program Assessment (UPAC) is illustrated below:

Program evaluation (aka program review)  A systematic procedure for collecting, analyzing and using information to answer questions about the extent to which a program is achieving its goals.  Typically, it focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of a program. Assessment of student learning outcomes in the program may be included as one source of information to evaluate the program.  

Program assessment (contrast with program evaluation)  A systematic procedure for collecting, analyzing and using information about student learning with respect to program-level learning outcomes.  Results are used to inform decisions about how to improve student learning in the program.