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There are four committees that are prescribed by the Articles of Faculty Organization. These committees support the operation of the senate.

Please refer to the Faculty Senate Bylaws/Articles and Policies for further information regarding the senate and faculty committees.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are the official record of proceedings and actions taken during committee meetings. Please follow these guidelines for taking meeting minutes for Faculty Senate meetings. Questions can be directed to the Faculty Senate office at

Senate Executive Committee (SEC) expanding section

57th Senate Executive Committee (SEC):

2022-2023 Membership

Stephen Mann, Chair
Ronda Leahy, Vice Chair
Rose Brougham, Secretary
Christa Kiersch, At-Large

57th Faculty SEC Minutes

56th Senate Executive Committee (SEC):

2021-2022 Membership

Anne Galbraith, Secretary
Ronda Leahy, At-Large
Rebecca LeDocq, Chair
Greg Ormes, Vice-Chair

56th Faculty SEC Minutes

55th Faculty SEC Minutes

54th Faculty SEC Minutes

53rd Faculty SEC Minutes

Post-Tenure Review (PTR) Timeline Report from SEC

52nd Faculty SEC Minutes

51st Faculty SEC Minutes

50th Faculty SEC Minutes

49th Faculty SEC Minutes

48th Faculty SEC Minutes

47th Faculty SEC Minutes

46th Faculty SEC Minutes

Articles & Bylaws Committee (ABL) expanding section

2022-2023 Membership

Susan Crutchfield
Christa Kiersch, Recorder
Dawn Rouse
Mary Tollefson
Brian Kumm-Schaley, Chair

Charge Letter

Meeting Minutes

Committee Documents

Click here for previous academic year committee membership, meeting minutes, charge letters, final reports and committee documents for the Articles and Bylaws (ABL) Committee.

Nominating Committee expanding section

2022-2023 Membership

Elliott Forbes
Kenneth Graham, Convener
Brock McMullen
Alexander O'Brien
Ellen Rozek

Nominating Committee Previous Year Membership

Senate Elections Committee expanding section

2022-2023 Membership

Christa Kiersch
Anup Menon Nandialath
Louise Zamparutti

Senate Elections Committee Previous Year Membership

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