Four faculty ombudspersons shall be appointed annually, one each from the College of Business Administration, the College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities, the College of Science and Health, and the School of Education.  Faculty who are appointed as ombudspersons should have a long record of service to the university and/or a thorough understanding of university policies.

The role of the ombudsperson is neutral and thus ombudspersons are not "support" persons; they help faculty members seeking information about or assistance with informal resolution of personnel problems, including non-renewals, dismissals, complaints, grievances, and appeals. The ombudspersons shall serve as individual consultants and advisors, not as members of a committee or a group acting by consensus or voting, and are not limited to assisting faculty from one’s college or school only. The ombudsperson(s) may serve as mediator(s) between a faculty member and a department or administrator, if the parties agree to mediation to resolve disputed facts and/or explore alternatives for resolution. 

Two alternates shall also be appointed to serve in case of resignation or disqualification. Consecutive appointments may be allowed for up to five years. Ombudspersons shall not be members of the Hearing Committee or CGAAF, and they shall be replaced by alternates if they themselves are subject to nonrenewal, dismissal, or complaint; if they themselves complain, grieve, or appeal; or if they disqualify themselves owing to bias or conflict of interest.

Faculty Senate Articles and Bylaws (Updated November 15, 2021.)

Faculty Senate Policies (Updated October 4, 2021.)

2021-2022 Ombudspersons

    Biology, Ext. 8424

    Mathematics and Statistics, Ext. 8385
    History, Ext. 8344

    Accountancy, Ext. 6825