Facilities Planning & Management

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Building Building manager Extension
Archaeology Building Kathy Stevenson 8451
Athletic Facilities Jason Murphy 5175
Cartwright Center David Anderson 8593
Centennial Hall Criss Gilbert 8074
Center for the Arts Krista Shulka 6701
Child Care Center Dawn Hays 8813
Cleary Alumni & Friends Center Mary Jo Sandheinrich 8939
Cowley Hall Aaron Monte 8260
Graff Main Hall Kim Schultz-Schliebe 8593
Ground Services Building Scott Brown 8590
Health Science Center Joanne Sandvick 5150
Heating Plant Tim Merrell 8710
Maintenance Building Scott Brown 8590
Mitchell Hall Jason Murphy           5175
Morris Hall Tara Reiter-Marolf 8113
Murphy Library Catherine Lavallee-Welch 8805
Police Services & Parking Ramp Scott McCullough 8108
Recreational Eagle Center Sue White 6529
Residence Halls Doug Kuenn 8075
Student Union Larry Ringgenberg 8888
Wimberly Hall Kim Schultz-Schliebe 8593
Wing Technology Center Cynthia Carlson 8023
Wittich Hall Jason Murphy 5175
Whitney Center Larry Ringgenberg 8888