Campus Initiatives

Every day, the focus on sustainability gets sharper for UW-L and every day Facilities Planning and Management is working to decrease our impact on the environment. We are committed to sustainability. UW-L made an official commitment to environmental sustainability in higher education by signing the Talloires Declaration on earth day, 2008.  UW-L Facilities Planning and Management continues to enhance our operations by fulfilling point 5 of the Talloires Declaration; point 5 requires UW-L to "set an example of environmental responsibility by establishing programs of resource conservation, recycling, and waste reduction."

For many decades Facilities Planning and Management has implemented proven technologies that have helped us cut campus consumption of energy and resources and shrink our footprint. In recent years, Executive Order 145 has been another motivation. Governor Doyle’s mandate has called for a 10% energy reduction  by fiscal year 2008 and 20% by fiscal year 2010.  The base year for comparison is fiscal year 2005.  While data for 2010 is not available as of this time, 2008 data shows that UW-L had a 6.6% reduction and this value slipped to a 6% reduction in 2009.  This reduction shows us that technology can only do so much. To conserve, and do so effectively, we can’t go it alone. We need a conscious effort from everyone, staff, faculty, and students. We can install low-flow showerheads, but only you can choose to take a shorter shower.

In the following pages, we’ve collected information on some of our campus initiatives to show some of the projects that Facilities Planning and Management has done. We’ve also included ways for students, staff, and faculty to get involved with sustainability on campus. From bus pass details to a new vermicomposting system to staff and student organizations, you can find the Facilities Planning and Management sustainability information through this sustainability website.