No matter your interest, the UWL Global Cultures & Languages Department can expand your understanding of the world.

Mission statement:

UWL’s Department of Global Cultures and Languages is committed to our students’ professional and personal growth. We enact this commitment by preparing students to communicate effectively—with cultural sensitivity and awareness—in more than one language. Students and teachers collectively engage with the products, practices, and perspectives of other cultures. By putting such knowledge into practice through applied learning opportunities—such as study abroad experiences, internships, community engagement projects, and teacher education training opportunities—we educate and empower students to employ their learned expertise in culture, language, critical thinking and leadership with an eye towards social justice action in our diverse and ever-changing regional, national, and world communities.

Vision statement:

UWL’s Department of Global Cultures and Languages aims to increase students-citizens’ global competence by promoting the curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills necessary to adapt to a rapidly changing world. The Department will invest in and foster students’ abilities to operate within multiple cultures and languages in a challenging and diverse learning environment. Through innovative teaching that supports deep learning, we provide interdisciplinary courses that expose students to different perspectives, push them to think critically about the world around them, and opportunities for them to contribute intellectually to local and global communities. The Department aims to be a cultural hub at UWL and in our communities; as such, our major priorities are to equip students and citizens with the tools to 1) become efficient and effective problem-solvers in a multicultural society; and 2) develop a sense of their own role as agents of change in their communities and the world.

The Department of Global Cultures and Languages offers majors and minors (with education majors and minors and business concentrations for each of these languages) in

There is also a minor in

There are also certificates in French studies and Russian studies, along with courses in Arabic and Japanese.

Graff Main Hall is located on the south side of campus between the Wing Technology Center and Cartwright Center.

GCL News & Events

Virtual German-English Stammtisch

The final virtual Stammtisch of the semester takes place on Thursday, May 6th from 11am - 12pm. Our partners in Wiesbaden will host, and it's a great opportunity to connect with German- and English-speaking friends. Please contact Dr. Shelley Hay for meeting link and passcode.

Druzhba Chess Club

The next international non-competitive chess match will be held on May 15 at 10 a.m. CDT. To get involved, please contact Natalia Roberts.

'Druzhba,' which translates to 'friendship' in Russian, is at the heart of this effort to use chess to connect local high school and university students with new friends in La Crosse's Russian sister city, Dubna.

Arabic ★ Chinese ★ French

German ★ Hmong ★ Japanese

  Russian  Spanish