French opportunities at UWL

  • BA in French (30 credits in French at the 300-400 level)
  • BA in French with Business Concentration (30 credits in French at the 300-400 level plus 24 credits in general and international business courses)
  • BS in Secondary Education with a French major (30 credits in French at the 300-400 level plus 36 credits in courses leading to certification and completion of student teaching or an internship)
  • French Minor (18 credits in French at the 300-400 level)
  • French Studies Certificate (18 credits in French at the 200-300 level)

              NEW CLASS: French Literary Voices in English

FRE 395 1

  Planet of the Apes;              The Red and the Black
         Boule de Suif;                     Fear and Trembling
        The Life before us;              Oriental Tales
                                                             Shantytown Kid
What do these titles have in common?
Francophone authors wrote them!
And they are all part of a new General Education Course: 
FRE 395 – French Literary Voices in English
Pre-requisite: Sophomore standing
E. Humanistic Studies: The Search for Values and Meaning
E.1. Literature 
Taught Fall 2016 T/H 12:40-2:05

French program resources

Study abroad programs

  • Université de Caen (summer only)
  • Université de Nancy (semester or academic year)
  • International Student Exchange Program
  • International Internships in Epinal, France (sister city of La Crosse, WI)

French Club information


Why learn French?

Watch this introductory video about why learning French at UWL makes sense for your future!

  • Research shows that learning a foreign language develops areas of the brain that improve memory and reasoning in other subjects
  • Many other disciplines use words that come from French, so learning French can improve your vocabulary in English
  • French is the 9th most widely spoken language on the planet
  • French is the 3rd most widely used language online
  • French-speaking countries account for 19% of all world trade
  • French is spoken by 220 million people worldwide
  • French is the 2nd most widely spoken native language in the European Union
  • Dr. Virginie Cassidy realized this video that explains why speaking French is becoming a crucial skill for most professions


UW-Milwaukee holds an Annual Festival of Films in French each year. See when this year's is held here!

Studying languages opens new doors for grads at UW-L! See the news article here

UWL Festival of Languages, April 3, 2014

Transportation from Paris to Versailles, a cultural experience

Field trip: Matisse exhibit in Minneapolis (April 2014)


Article "The Liberal Arts Majors That Pay The Most" from the Wall Street Journal (May 15th 2014)

How much English is borrowed/derived from French? (More than you would think!)

The French Language is growing in popularity

The percentage of global French speakers could from 3 percent to 8 percent by 2050.

The Department of French and Italian at the University of Wisconsin-Madison published an article explaining that "French is back on the rise." You can read it here.