Global Cultures & Languages kudos

Anna Keefe

Anna Keefe, Global Cultures & Languages, authored the article "The unspoken languages of Alain Gomis's cinema: space, sound, and the body" in Contemporary French Civilization published on March 1 by Liverpool University Press. This article on the Franco-Senegalese director's films appears in a special issue devoted to global filmmaking in French.

Submitted on: April 25

Hongying Xu

Hongying Xu, Global Cultures & Languages, presented "Revisiting syllabi from students' perspective: a case study of a Chinese course" at Annual Conference of Chinese Language Teachers Association on April 10 online.

Submitted on: April 11

Megan Strom

Megan Strom, Global Cultures & Languages, presented "Look what you made us do!: Blaming migrant parents for mistreatment of migrant children" at the 10th International Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics on Thursday, April 7 online.

Submitted on: April 7

Hongying Xu

Hongying Xu, Global Cultures & Languages, co-authored the chapter "Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence via Video-based Synchronous Communication among L2 French Learners" in Culture & Content in French: Frameworks for Innovative Curricula published on March 16 by Lever Press .

Submitted on: Mar. 18

Hongying Xu

Hongying Xu, Global Cultures & Languages, presented "Liquid Syllabus in Beginning Chinese Language Instruction: Creating a Welcoming and Supportive Atmosphere" at UW System OPID Webinar on Friday, Feb. 25 online. Dr. Xu shared her use of a liquid syllabus at her beginning level Chinese class in Fall 2021 by adopting a templated shared by CATL at UW-Green Bay. She also shared the overwhelmingly positive feedback from her students, indicating their preference of the liquid syllabus to the traditional ones.

Submitted on: Feb. 25