Welcome to the Department of Management of the College of Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. We are located on the fourth floor of Wimberly Hall and are proud to be a part of the UWL learning community.

First and foremost, we are dedicated to the professional development of our students. We offer a variety of interesting classes for business students, allowing Management Majors and business Sustainability Minors a great deal of flexibility in pursuing elective courses.

In addition, we are active researchers making contributions to the advancement of management knowledge through research projects and publications.  Our faculty members publish practical, management-oriented writing as well as academic and pedagogical works.  Faculty members often supervise student research.

Third, we are also responsible citizens of the UWL learning community. Through service to our department, college, university, community, and discipline, we are agents of progress who pursue a better future for the world. We welcome your partnership and collaboration.



Are you a UWL Alumnus?  Did you graduate with a Management Major or Business Administration Minor?  See how many of your former professors you remember!

Former Department of Management Faculty & Staff


Share the La Crosse Experience:  Give so that others can attend UWL and major in business-related professions also!  If you want to benefit a student who is a Management Major, you can designate your gift for the "Lora Greene scholarship fund." This award is given to a senior with at least a 3.5 GPA.

UWL Scholarships:  How YOU can help 

Are you a small business owner, business manager, or an administrator at a nonprofit organization?  Do you need students to help you with specific research or consulting-type projects?  Here are links to some helpful UW-L resources:


  *Scott Cooper (tel: 608-785-6983; e-mail: scooper@uwlax.edu), acting on behalf of the UW-L Undergraduate Research & Creativity project, maintains a Project Opportunities Board list of research and consulting opportunities for nonprofit and government organizations.  Contact him to get your project added to this community portal list:  https://www.uwlax.edu/info/community-portal/project-opportunities-board/ 

  *Anne Hlavacka (tel: 608-785-8782; e-mail: ahlavacka@uwlax.edu), Director of the local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the UW-L Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is happy to assist you develop new business ideas.  She will also work with faculty to identify appropriate class projects to assist for-profit businesses.

  *Karen Durnin (tel: 608-785-8570; e-mail: kdurnin@uwlax.edu), Internship Coordinator, works with employers to set up Internship opportunities for individual students to work in local organizations.  This program is a part of the UWL Academic Advising Center & Career Services Office, which also helps employers find new employees among the graduating seniors at UW-L.