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Advising FAQ

How do I declare a major?

To declare a College of Business Administration major go to the Dean’s Office and complete the required form.

How often will I meet with my advisor?

The Department of Management requires meeting with your advisor before registration.

What do we do when we meet?

A meeting with an advisor early in a student’s program is about planning classes. As the student progresses, the discussion becomes more about extracurricular activities, internships, and career opportunities.

What if I'm struggling academically?

Contact your advisor.

What if I'd like more of a challenge or a new experience?

Our students typically do at least one internship and are encouraged to be active in extracurricular activities such as SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization) Club, and Delta Sigma Pi. 

Adding a minor, second major, or study abroad experience are other excellent choices.

How do I apply to graduate?

Complete the “Apply for Graduation” found in your WINGS Student Center. It is recommended that you make an appointment with the Dean’s Office to due a Senior check after you’ve register for your last semester of classes.

What are my options after graduation?

Management majors have great placement rates and success in their careers. Internships before graduation often lead directly to permanent career placements in public accounting, corporate accounting, or governmental accounting. Graduates are employed in virtually all aspects of business including accounting, finance, and management positions.

The Management Major (2018)

The management major provides students with coursework designed to help them to understand the purposes of business, how to manage ethically in today's dynamic global business environment, and how to be effective leaders.  To this end, the Management Department has identified the following learning outcomes for the major at this AACSB-accredited business school.  Specifically, a management graduate should be able to:

  1. Understand how domestic and global issues impact management practices.
  2. Evaluate management practices and policies with regard to social responsibility and ethics.
  3. Identify and recommend ways to influence individual and group behaviors in organizational situations.
  4. Analyze and recommend solutions for business problems using management concepts and theories.

Major requirements:

MGT 385 (HR: Employment) OR

MGT 420 (Entrepreneurship)

MGT 360 (Global Perspectives on Business)

MGT 408 (Responsibility of Business)

Plus 15 credit electives from MGT courses at the 300/400 level (see list below), and may include the following non-MGT courses:

BUS/BLAW 305, 405 or 415, I-S 360, 420

At least 9 of the elective credits should be 400 level.

NOTE: No more than 3 cr. of Internship (MGT 450/452) may count toward the major.

Management electives:

MGT 302 Cr. 3  Advanced Business Communication: Reports and Presentations

MGT 303 Cr. 3  Principles of Labor-Management Relations

MGT 310 Cr. 3  Principles of Sustainable Business

MGT 328 Cr. 3  Principles of Management Thought

MGT 385 Cr. 3  Human Resources: Employment (if not used as a major requirement, above)

MGT 386 Cr. 3  Compensation and Benefits Administration

MGT 395 Cr. 3  Management Science

MGT 398 Cr. 3  Total Quality Management

MGT 399 Cr. 3  Project Management: Planning, Scheduling, Executing, and Controlling

MGT 400 Cr. 1-3  Management Forum (topics vary across sections)

MGT 402 Cr. 3  Healthcare Analytics Management

MGT 412 Cr. 3  Emergent Leadership and Team Development

MGT 414 Cr. 3  Crisis and Contingency Management

MGT 420 Cr. 3  Entrepreneurship (if not used as a major requirement, above)

MGT 428 Cr. 3  Management of Technology and Innovation

MGT 430 Cr. 3  Comparative Management Systems

MGT 431 Cr. 3  Business, Labor and Human Rights

MGT 450 Cr. 1-6  College of Business Admin. Internship (No more than 3 cr. may count toward the major)

MGT 452 Cr. 1-6  College of Business Admin. International Internship (No more than 3 cr. may count toward the major)

MGT 480 Cr. 3  Business Sustainability Capstone

MGT 483 Cr. 3  Human Resource Development

MGT 484 Cr. 3  International Human Resource Management

MGT 485 Cr. 3  Collective Bargaining

MGT 486 Cr. 3  Human Resources: Current Issues and Policies

MGT 487 Cr. 3  Male/Female Relationships in a Business Environment

MGT 492 Cr. 3  Global Supply Chain Management & Logistics

MGT 493 Cr. 3  Green Operations Management

MGT 499 Cr. 1-3  Independent Study