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Welcome, New Faculty Members!

Yeonka Kim, Ph.D., will teach Principles & History of Management Thought, and other courses. She earned her Ph.D. in Business Administration from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (Concentration: Human Resources and Organizations) from Cornell University. Her research focuses on emotions and diversity in organizations as well as work-family intersection. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked as a manager in the film, chemistry, and telecommunication industries in South Korea.

Danny FranklinMBA, is teaching Global Responsibility of Business and other courses. He is currently in the final stages of his Ph.D. program in Management at the University of Arkansas, where he taught Strategic Management at the undergraduate and honors levels for several years. He earned his MBA from the University of Arkansas. Prior to his academic career, he worked in a variety of organizations in the retail and environmental sustainability sectors in India and the US.

Anup Nandialath, Ph.D.  will be teaching Business Policy & Strategy (aka, “Administrative Policy Determination”) and other courses.  Prior to coming to La Crosse, Dr. Nandialath taught at HEC Paris in France and Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates.  He holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the Ohio State University and a M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University.  His research is cross-disciplinary, and he has published numerous refereed journal articles in Management, Accounting, Finance, Economics, and International Business fields.  Before joining academia, he worked as a senior research analyst for the largest news publisher in India.  

Mark Shay, MBA, will be teaching one section of Organizational Behavior (MGT 308) as an adjunct faculty member.  Mark holds his MBA from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and he currently works as a Program Manager at Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI).  He previously worked as on Operations Manager at United Parcel Service (UPS). 

Please join us in welcoming these new faculty members to the Department of Management in the College of Business Administration! 

Research News

For the latest in faculty research, click on the "Research" tab (to the left).


Student Engagement with the Business Community


Strengthen Your Core!

Juniors and Seniors: Have you signed up for CBA Integrated Core? You should!!! Students from last year’s class are still talking about what a great educational experience it was.  In the Integrated Core program, UW-L students received applied business consulting experience and completed three of the required CBA core classes. Classes included Organizational Behavior and Theory (MGT 308), Principles of Marketing (MKT 309), Principles of Finance (FIN 355) and a Business Consulting Seminar (MGT/MKT/FIN 400). Students worked on a series of three applied projects, with the final one being a client-based project for one of two organizations in the region. The Integrated Core will be offered again this Fall Semester. It is a great way to apply and integrate knowledge from these business courses, help local businesses, and add something to your resume’ – all at the same time!  Seating is limited.  Students interested in the Integrated Core for Fall Semester should contact Dr.Nicole Gullekson ( for more information.


Calling All Future Leaders!

Christa Kiersch is co-leading a cross-campus collaborative project, “UWL: United With Leadership”, to better understand and enrich how students develop their leadership during their time at UWL. The ultimate goal of this project is to guide the creation of an inclusive model of student leadership development, uniting efforts across campus to prepare students for leading a more positive future. Students who are interested are encouraged to contact Christa Kiersch ( for more information or to get involved.


Partnering with Local Organizations to Build Bridges with Sister Cities

In the Fall of 2015, students of Dr. Justin Kraemer’s MGT 360 class truly received a “Global Perspective on Business” when they partnered with the Mayor’s Office of La Crosse, the La Crosse Chamber of Commerce and the Seven Rivers Alliance. The scope of the term-long project was to identify important firms in the key industries of La Crosse’s Seven Sister cities (flags shown) to help inform the Mayor as to the destinations of upcoming trade missions. At the end of the term, student teams presented to the Mayor, the Executive Directors of the above-mentioned organizations, the Chancellor of UWL and the Dean of CBA. The event was engaging and informative.


For the students, the project was challenging. Not only was the population of a few sister cities small,  but also, in a few cases, some information could not be found in English. To their credit, the students persevered. Showing great creativity, students reached out to government offices, trade organizations, and private companies as well as individuals from both La Crosse and a given Sister City. Many of these connections persist, providing students with future professional opportunities. Further, the local organizations were so impressed with UWL students that they offered internships to at least two of the students. In sum, the students’ hard work was rewarded: trade was facilitated, connections with UWL were strengthened, internships were gained, personal relationships fostered and, most importantly, much student learning occurred!


Human Resource Management Students Improve HR Practices

Students in Christa Kiersch’s MGT 385 Fall class worked with two community organizations, the La Crosse Public School District and CouleeCap, to help develop Human Resource (HR) policies and practices encouraging of diversity. Students conducted thorough evaluations of current HR practices at each client organization and then presented specific evidence-based recommendations to attract and retain high quality employees.


Innovative International Case Study Features University of Wisconsin La Crosse Management Students

Last semester Dr. Drew Stapleton’s Supply Chain Management students participated in a multinational case study experience with over 625 university students from 13 universities. The project implemented globalization, critical thinking skills, data interpretation and analysis, and virtual teamwork using worldwide dispersed student groups.

Originally initiated in 2011 with four collaborating universities, the international Global Workgroup Project case has grown to include over a dozen U.S. universities including Auburn University (Alabama), UW-Madison, Air Force Academy, Texas Christian University (Texas) and The Citadel (South Carolina).  Over a dozen international universities now participate, including universities in France, the UK, Peru, Morocco, Austria, Finland, Singapore, Thailand, and Uruguay.

Using a Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) case, student groups had to quantify three supply chains bringing product to a fictitious distribution center in Texas from Nebraska, Germany, and China.  The groups had to identify and quantify the costs and risks associated with each supply chain and recommend the lowest total landed cost.  Each group consisted of four students from different universities. Each of the student teams had to develop a solution and present it to a remote faculty member using videoconferencing technology.  Individual as well as group scores are computed.

Dr. Stapleton stated, “We have taken an academic case from the CSCMP and derived unique versions by using different numbers in each case.  The optimal lowest total landed cost for one-third of the cases recommends the Chinese supplier, one-third the US supplier, and one-third the European supplier.  Our millennial students are electronically connected. This is their chance to apply their global, communication, and critical thinking skills and grasp of technology to overcome time, distance, and language challenges to solve the types of problems they will experience throughout their careers.”

This assignment was the winner of the 2014 AACSB Bizzell Teaching Innovation Award and a finalist for the 2014 Wharton “Re-Imagine Education” worldwide competition.  It was the third time that UWL participated in this innovative instructional approach.  To date, over 3,700 students worldwide universities have participated, and twice a student from UWL placed among the top, including a perfect individual score in 2014.  This past fall, a student scored in the top 10%.


MGT 408 Class Participates in Community Projects

Fall semester, 2015, students from MGT 408 (Global Responsibility of Business) participated in one of several group projects, positively impacting the community.  The purpose of this experience was to thoughtfully apply the content from Dr. Samantha Samreth’s class and to leave a positive imprint in the process. Each group selected and researched an organization (for-profit or non-profit) in the La Crosse area community. Students analyzed the organization’s local social responsibility (i.e., economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic aspects). Focusing on philanthropy, students spend about 100 hours volunteering for, or raising and donating money to the organizations that they selected. The type of volunteerism ranged from building homes for Habitat for Humanity (see photo), helping with food and clothing drives, picking up garbage, participating in the Children’s Miracle Network dance marathon, giving organizations management and marketing advice, etc. Consequently, UWL Management students have made a positive imprint on the community through helping numerous local businesses and organizations.



A SOUPer Class

In the Fall of 2015, students from Kelly Nowicki's Entrepreneurship class, MGT 420, participated in La Crosse SOUP, a monthly micro-granting and community building event created "to make La Crosse a better, cooler, place to live".  Once a month from May thru October, hundreds of community members gather behind the Root Note, pay $5 to eat soup, listen to pitches to improve the community and then vote on the pitch they feel is worthy of the kitty of SOUP money. 

For the October SOUP event, all eleven-student teams in the Entrepreneurship class developed pitches, but only four teams were chosen to pitch for the SOUP money. The winning team of Cole Solomon and Shane Adler, pitched "Tech Trails" - an idea to put a QR code at the entrance of hiking trails in Hixon Forest so hikers with “smart phones” can download a map to improve their hiking experience.

Founder of La Crosse SOUP, Andrew Londre, felt all of the student groups developed great ideas to improve the community, so he ran a successful $10,000 Kickstarter campaign to help see all ideas come to fruition.  Currently, all of the student groups are in the process of implementing their community improvement ideas.


Make Management a Part of YOUR Summer!

This past summer several UW-L students went to Bratislava, Slovakia, for the 6th year of the Global Consulting Program. They worked on applied business projects for companies in this European region – all while earning college credit (MGT 400). In previous years students helped a variety of organizations, including Google Slovensko, Dell, AT&T, and even the U.S. Embassy. Students interested in learning more about the program and perhaps taking the course next summer should contact Dr. Nicole Gullekson ( or Dr. Christa Kiersch (

Interested in something a little closer to home?  Make UW-La Crosse a part of your summer plans! If you have been admitted to the College of Business or will be before summer, consider one of the following courses next summer (all are typically offered Summer Session I: Mid-May to Mid-June):

-         MGT 308 – Behavior & Theory in Organizations, 

-         MGT 393 – Production & Operations Management, 

-         MGT 449 – Administrative Policy Determination, 


Sustainable Business Minor Offered

Interested in learning how businesses can be more environmentally and socially responsible?  Consider the 18 credit Sustainable Business Minor!  Usually, the CBA offers the introductory BUS 310 each Fall semester, with electives offered each semester and the BUS 450 “capstone” course  offered each Spring semester.  (Note do not confuse BUS 450 with MGT 450; the latter is an internship course).  The Sustainable Business Minor provides students with the opportunity to explore the relation between business and natural creation, maximizing good stewardship of natural resources, even while pursuing business objectives. 



Guest Speakers

A vital part of many students' education is learning from business leaders and management professionals.  The following is a brief listing of some of the business professionals who spoke to Management classes [either in person or via video conference] in recent years.  For a complete listing visit


Mr. Curt Root, retired, Allied-Signalspoke about "Mergers & Acquisitions: The role of  Organizational Culture" to William Ross' Current Topics in Human Resource Management class (MGT 486).
Mr. Keith Butler: La Crosse County Emergency Coordinator spoke on “Coordinating Regional Response to Crises” to Alan Macpherson’s Crisis & Contingency Management class (MGT 400).

Mr. Kurt Bear, Mid City Steel, La Crosse, guest lectured in Gail Gillis' Total Quality Management classes, (MGT 398).

Shirley Weis, Emeritus VP and Chief Administrative Officer, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, addressed Jon Ying’s Global Responsibility of Business class (MGT 408).

Michael Santoro, Executive Producer & Founder, San Francisco [California] World Music Festival, spoke to Jon Ying’s Global Responsibility of Business class (MGT 408).

Mike McGinely, Ph.D., President, Biologicals & Pharmaceuticals, Heska Pharmaceuticals, Ft. Collins, Colorado, spoke to College of Business students.

Dennis Vogel, President & CEO, Citizens State Bank, La Crosse, spoke on “Financing your business,” to Kelly Nowicki’s Entrepreneurship class (MGT 400).

Brandon Prinson, Attorney with Johns, Flaherty, & Collins law firm, La Crosse, spoke on “Setting up your business…legal considerations,” to Kelly Nowicki’s Entrepreneurship class (MGT 400).

Linda Kastentin, HR Consultant, La Crosse, spoke on “Recruiting and hiring for your business,” to Kelly Nowicki’s Entrepreneurship class (MGT 400).

Mark Clements, Volunteer Chaplain, City of La Crosse Police Dept., and FBI Chaplain, La Crosse, spoke on "Chaplains in the Workplace" to William Ross' Current Topics in Human Resource Management MBA class (MGT 740). 

Harvey White, CEO and Chairman of Leap Wireless International, San Diego, California, and co-founder of QUALCOMM, spoke on the topic of “Entrepreneurship” in Charley Swayne’s Organizational Behavior class (MGT 308).

Don Weber, CEO and founder of Logistics Health Inc., La Crosse, WI. This Wisconsin Entrepreneur of the Year spoke on the topic of “Corporate culture” in Charley Swayne’s Organizational Behavior class (MGT 308).  He also spoke on "Starting Seven Businesses" in Barb Larsen's Introduction to Business class (MGT 100).

Chris Goodell, General Manager, La Crosse Loggers (baseball team), spoke on the topic of  “Applying business principles to the sports industry” to Charley Swayne’s Organizational Behavior class (MGT 308).

Craig Porter, CEO PlastiCertLewiston, MN, discussed "Managing in manufacturing"  in Barb Larsen's "Introduction to Business" class (MGT 100).

Dave Skogen, Festival Foods, Onalaska, WI, spoke to Barb Larsen’s "Introduction to Business" class (MGT 100) on the topic, “Operating a family business.”

Sarah Fortune, Attorney, Hale Skemp, Hanson, Skemp, & Sleik Law Firm, La Crosse, discussed “Careers for Female Attorneys” in Barb Larsen’s "Introduction to Business" class (MGT 100).

Jon Ying’s “Business, Labor, & Human Rights” (MGT 431) course hosted a panel discussion on “Justice for Immigrant Victims of Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Agricultural and Service Industries,” Dec., 11, 2013, (repeated April 23, 2014) and featured the following speakers:.    

(a). Sonia Parras Konrad, JD, ASISTA, Des Moines, Iowa. 12/11/13.
(b). William R. Tamayo, JD, Regional Attorney, United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, San Francisco District Office. 12/11/13.



Awards, Service, and Faculty Development Activities


Congratulations to Emily Holldorf, the "Lora Greene Scholarship Winner!"  Emily is a Senior, studying Business Management.    


Nicole Gullekson has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.  Congratulations!  Additionally, she was given the Burt and Norma Altman Award for Leadership at the UWL International Student Banquet on Friday, April 10, 2015.  

Kelly Nowicki has been elected President of the UWL Alumni Association.  She also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the UWL Foundation.  She and her fellow board members are working to engage the larger UWL community and encourage participation in the University's current scholarship campaign. 

Gail Gillis attended two seminars, June, 2014.  One was called "Engineering Law" and the other was called "Advanced Statistical Training.”

Allan Macpherson participated in a professional development workshop at the National Convention of the Academy of Management, August, 2014.  The workshop was designed for early career researchers and was entitled, “Finding the Words:  Addressing [Journal] Reviewers’ Comments.”

Nicole Gullekson has been selected to be the Director for the undergraduate International Business Major.   

Andrew Stapleton is selected as the Onalaska representative for the Joint Municipality Commission for the Seven Rivers Region.  

Christa Kiersch is on the advisory board for the Eagle Leadership Certificate Program. This is a student leadership development program under the auspices of the Leadership & Involvement Center on the UWL campus.