Congratulations, Grant Recipients!

Drew Stapleton, Anup Nandialath, and Mohan Totikonda (Indiana Univ.) received a CBA Research Excellence Grant for 2017-2018 entitled, "Are CEOs Compensated for Operational Excellence?"

Justin Kraemer, Yeonka Kim, and Ana Iglesias received a CBA Research Excellence Grant to investigate emotional regulation in teams. 

Anup Nandialath received a CBA Research Grant addressing, the Problem of Endogeneity in Empirical Research.

Drew Stapleton received a CBA Research Grant entitled, “Postponement and Pre-positioning strategies in Humanitarian Logistics Relief      Efforts.”

Justin Kraemer, Henry Petersen, and Danny Franklin received a CBA Research Grant entitled, “The Token Effect: Relational Dissimilarity And Turnover in Marginally Diverse Boards Of Directors.”

Justin Kraemer, "X-Culture Data Preparation"(Funded), External Grant, Sponsored by University of North Carolina at Greensboro, $10,000. (June 1, 2016).

Justin Kraemer, "Does Academic Pedigree Matter? On the Predictive Power of University Prestige"(Funded), College Grant, Amount Proposed: $7000, Amount Funded: $7000. (July 1, 2016).

Henry Petersen, "Supply chain risks: how supplier behavior can affect you and what to do about it"(Funded), UW-L Faculty Development Grant, $5000.