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Police communications

A page within University Police Department


University Police and the Student Life Office would like to remind the campus community of fraudulent attempts used by criminals in order to obtain personal or financial information from individuals.

Telephone Scams:

The criminals use phone spoofing equipment to make the number appear as it is coming from a legitimate organization. Often it will appear as a number from the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a local police department number. In the past, they have even used the UW-La Crosse Police Department phone number.

The criminals will use scare tactics such as:

  • Stating you have a warrant for your arrest
  • Vulgar language
  • Not to contact anyone
  • Will scare you from hanging up
  • Attempt to keep you on the phone for the duration of the scam (sometimes lasting hours)

While it may be a frightening encounter, if any of this occurs to you, hang up immediately, and YOU call the non-emergency number for your local police department.

There are a few things to remember that can help protect you:

  • Hang up
  • Call your local police department; if on campus: 608-789-9000
  • Governmental organizations contact will be preceded by a formal letter with agency letterhead
  • Governmental organizations will never ask for payment over the phone
  • Payment will never be asked for via cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Etherium, Z-Cash) or prepaid cash cards (Green Dot).

If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact the UWL Police Department at 789-9000 or the Office of Student Life at 785-8062.