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Safety Escort

A page within University Police Department

UWLPD continually works with the University community to make the campus a safe place to learn, work, and live.  Our safety escort service is designed for the community members who have safety concerns and would like to have a Police Officer escort them to their destination.

We offer free safety escorts 24/7 anywhere on campus. Safety escorts are not for convenience but to assist the UWL community with safety needs.

Do you need a safety escort?

Many students or employees need to be on campus at night or at odd hours. Perhaps you feel nervous when you need to walk some distance to your vehicle, Residence Hall, or another building on campus. If for some reason you would feel more comfortable having someone walk with you, please give us a call. 

Call 608.789.9000

All it takes is a phone call to the police dispatcher at 608.789.9000. Just tell the dispatcher where you are and request an escort to a particular campus location. We will dispatch an officer to escort you to your desired location.