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Student concerns & complaints

A page within Student Affairs

Institutional Records for Student Complaints

Complaint Requirements

Only complaints sent through the linked form above will be accepted as Official Complaints. In the complaint, it will be necessary for the student to demonstrate that they have already attempted and not achieved resolution through other University procedures as documented in the Student Handbook.

Tracking Complaints

Official Complaints will be tracked by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Dean of Students who will note the nature of the complaint and the date it was first formally submitted, and then assign the complaint to the appropriate University authority for resolution. Once the outcome of the complaint has been determined, the assigned authority will submit a written summary to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Dean of Students including the following:

  1. The steps taken to resolve the complaint
  2. The University's final decision regarding the complaint, including referrals to outside agencies
  3. A list of any external entities contacted by the student to investigate the complaint, if known by the University (e.g. the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, attorneys, etc.)
Complaint Tracking System

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Dean of Students or an assigned designee in the Student Life Office will maintain and compile an Annual Report of Institutional Records for Student Complaints. The Annual Report will contain the following information:

  1. The total number of complaints received per administrative division (e.g. Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, etc.)
  2. The types of complaints received by generic category (e.g. grade dispute, allegation of sexual harassment, etc.)
  3. The total number of complaints referred to external agencies for final resolution
  4. A summary record of each complaint received, the actions taken by the University, and any information concerning a referral to an external agency for final resolution

The Annual Report will be used to track only current and recent student complaints, not complaints made by parents, employees, etc., even if the complaint relates to a student.

Individual student identities and names will not be included in the Annual Report and will not be shared with any external entities (e.g. Higher Learning Commission).

Institutional Use of Complaint Tracking System
  1. The Annual Report will identify and summarize any trends/issues in student complaints and what the University learned from them.
  2. The Annual Report will be submitted to Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning for use in making data informed decisions.
  3. Upon request to the University's HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer, the Annual Reports will be made available to the Higher Learning Commission reviewers.