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Mission & values

A page within Student Affairs

Division missions statement

The Division of Student Affairs enriches the educational experience for students by facilitating personal growth and development.

We collaborate with university and community partners to promote student learning, diversity training, cultural competencies, healthy lifestyles and civic engagement.

Division priorities

Continue to be student centered.

Facilitate the mission of Inclusive Excellence and the creation of an inclusive and accepting environment for all populations.

Enhance wellness initiatives by promoting healthy lifestyles for the campus community. This includes engaging students in the decision making process and empowering them with their own decisions.

Planning for the future:
     - Review and develop programs that adapt to changing student needs
     - Anticipate facility and structural needs and engage students as we explore opportunities
     - Build connections with Alumni
     - Identify avenues to help staff garner a bigger picture perspective

Division values

Student Learning – We believe learning is a life long developmental process.  We aspire to create opportunities in a safe environment for students to explore and develop skills and experiences to become competent, skilled, caring, successful, contributing members of our global society.  Student learning is viewed holistically; thus we seek to both challenge and support students in all dimensions of their growth: intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational, cultural, and ethical.

Inclusive Excellence – We embrace the value and strength that resides in our human differences.  We appreciate people for who they are and where they are at in their learning cycle.  We champion the need to create an environment for people with diverse backgrounds and encourage dialogue, openness and appreciation for human differences.

Integrity and Professionalism – We seek to establish an environment consistent with our values, characterized by openness, compassion, accountability, respect, modeling and appreciation for our students, colleagues and our partners.

Intentionality and Assessment – We strive to create an environment and programs for improving the institution and student learning experience.  Therefore we are innovative and intentional in providing leadership, service and learning opportunities.  We seek to clearly articulate our desired outcomes, to analyze our progress to plan, and to systematically make and communicate improvements.

Student Wellness – We believe that a healthy mind and body are prerequisites for student success.  We believe in meeting the student where they are at and gradually transitioning them into self and community advocacy.  When appropriate we provide interventions to ensure student safety and well being.

Collaboration – We strive to enjoy our work in a supportive and collaborative setting inclusive of students, faculty, staff and administration.