EVERFI courses


To fulfill both state and federal mandates that colleges and universities train all new incoming students on sexual violence prevention (SAP), all incoming UWL students (undergrads and grad students) are expected to complete  

EVERFI Required Online Training Courses Sexual Assault Prevention (SAP) 

Students will receive required online training course prior to the semester beginning.

Students will receive a hold on their WINGS account prior to Registration if the required course(s) have not been completed.

Students receiving Alcohol Edu All new incoming freshman will receive Alcohol Edu for College. They will received Alcohol Edu for College Part 2, 15 days after completing Part 1.

Students receiving Sexual Assault Prevention (SAP) Undergrads All new incoming freshman and transfer students will receive SAP for Undergrads. They will receive SAP for Undergrads Part 2, 20 days after completing Part 1.

Graduate Students on campus All new incoming graduate students on campus will receive SAP for Graduate Students. 

Graduate Students online All new incoming graduate students online will receive SAP for Adult Learners.

You can work at your pace from any computer (requires Flash player). You can leave and return to the course at any time, and when you return, it will open on the page you left off.

Students are expected to complete the course before the deadline date provided. Students that do not complete the course will incur a Hold on their WINGS account that will prevent registration. (When completed the Hold will be removed).

Note: Email reminders are sent to students. 

You can direct questions to: studentlife@uwlax.edu

Tech Support question to:  support.everfi.com