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Biology kudos

Daniel Gibson-Reinemer, Scott Collins, Kristen Bouska, Nathan De Jager, Deanne Drake, Jeffrey Houser and Meredith Thomsen

Daniel Gibson-Reinemer, Adams State University; Scott Collins, Texas Tech University; Kristen Bouska, Nathan De Jager, Deanne Drake and Jeffrey Houser, all USGS; and Meredith Thomsen, Biology; co-authored the article "Conceptualizing alternate regimes in a large river floodplain: water clarity, invasive fish, and floodplain vegetation" in Journal of Environmental Management published on April 15 by Elsevier.

Submitted on: May 4

Gregory Sandland and James Peirce

Gregory Sandland, Biology and James Peirce, Mathematics & Statistics, presented "Using Empirical and Theoretical Approaches to Control Outbreaks of an Emerging Disease (Swimmer's Itch) in the Midwest of the U.S.A." at Pepperdine University - Natural Science seminar on March 10 in Malibu, CA.

Submitted on: Mar. 29

Ross Vander Vorste

Ross Vander Vorste, Biology, authored the article "Refuges and ecological traps: extreme drought threatens persistence of an endangered fish in intermittent streams" in Global Change Biology and was accepted for publication by Wiley.

Submitted on: Mar. 27

Alder Yu

Alder Yu, Biology, received the award for Research Infrastructure Program Project Award from Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium. Yu received this research grant from the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium to study the effects of radiation on circadian rhythms in fruit flies.

Submitted on: Mar. 20

Olivia Clark and Meredith Thomsen

Olivia Clark, Biology BS and Meredith Thomsen, Biology, co-authored the article "Restoring wetlands dominated by Phalaris arundinacea with haying, spraying, and aggressive competitors" in Ecological Restoration published on March 4 by University of Wisconsin Press.

Submitted on: Mar. 9

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