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Although this site was created specifically to assist our students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, we feel that Zoo Lab can provide a useful resource  for anyone enrolled in a  one-semester, college or secondary  school course in zoology, or animal biology.  It can also provide a  "virtual laboratory" experience  for those who do not  have access to these materials as well as a source of basic zoological information.  In keeping with these  goals, users should understand that the site may change  from time to time as we seek to upgrade and improve its facilities in the hope that it will continue to promote an appreciation for the Earth's extraordinary biological diversity!

Finally, although we encourage all non-profit uses of these copyrighted materials,  please ask before using any of the images since we are interested in how they are being used and by whom.  Use of these images in any distributed instructional material must include some reference to their origin.  You may not use these images in a distributed or copyrighted publication without written permission.

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We wish acknowledge  the generous assistance of the University of Wisconsin System and University of Wisconsin-La Crosse for financial support in the form of various grants that have enabled us to develop the Zoo Lab website.  We also thank the many students and instructors who have taken the time and trouble to point out errors and provide useful suggestions for improvement.  We welcome such feedback and encourage comments from all of our users.



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Rick Gillis & Roger J. Haro
Department of Biology
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

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