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Apples and Pumpkins




Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


Many people harvest produce in the fall such as apples and pumpkins.  Pumpkins often grow in a pumpkin patch and apples often grow in an apple orchard.

 Pick a Circle, Gather Squares A Fall Harvest of Shapes by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky

 “I’m A Little Pumpkin”

We will make a list of what we know about pumpkins.

We will plant pumpkins in a pumpkin patch.   We will get a chance to harvest a pumpkin from our Campus Child Center pumpkin patch!!


There are many different parts of a pumpkin: the stem, vine, seeds, pulp, and skin.

Pumpkins By Melvin and Gilda Berger

“Old McRainbow’s Pumpkin Farm”

We will make a list of what we think is inside a pumpkin, and then we will gut a pumpkin to explore what’s inside.  

We will work as a large group to label the different parts of pumpkin and then examine the life cycle of a pumpkin.   We will make erupting pumpkins! 


Pumpkins start from seeds and grow on a vine.  Pumpkins come in many different sizes and colors.

It’s Pumpkin Time! By Zoe Hall

“How Does a Pumpkin Grow”

“Five Round Pumpkins”

We will use tweezers to pick up pumpkin seeds.  We will taste the seeds we collected from our pumpkin yesterday.  We will conduct an experiment to see if pumpkins sink or float.


There are many different parts of an apple.  We can make different foods using apples. 

Autumn is for Apples By Michelle Knudsen

“Ten Apples On The Tree”

We will make a list of what we know about apples. 

We will work as a large group to label the different parts of an apple.  We will get the chance to wash apples at an apple washing station. We will cut red, yellow, and green “apples” with scissors today.


Apples can be red, green, or yellow.  Apples make a healthy snack.  Apples start as blossoms.

Apples by Melvin and Gilda Berger

“Way Up High in the Apple Tree”

We will taste test different varieties of apples and chart which type is our favorite.   We will dye apple slices red, yellow, and green.

Changes to the Environment

For dramatic play we will pick apples in an apple orchard.  For art play we will use containers of different sizes to paint our own apple tree.  We will search for apples and pumpkins hidden in the rice for sensory play. We will hammer tees into pumpkins for construction play this week.  For small motor play we will sort “apples” by color using a set of tongs and we’ll climb a tree to pick some apples for large motor play.

Special Activities

This is Julia’s last week with us.  We wish her the best of luck in her next placement.