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Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


Mice are happiest when kept with at least one other mouse.

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

“Little Mouse, Little Mouse”

We will use eye droppers to mix colored water in test tubes.


Mice are incredibly clean, organized, and tidy creatures.

If You Give A Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff.

Hickory, Dickory Dock”

We will work as large group to bake chocolate chip cookies.


Whiskers help mice to sense smooth and rough edges, temperature changes, and breezes.

Mouse Magic by Ellen Stoll Walsh

“Little Mouse, Little Mouse”

We will make a collage using colored shapes like they do in the story.



A mouse’s tail is as long as it’s body.  Mice can be brown, black, gray, or white.

Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh

“Who Has the Cheese?”

We will work to match puzzles by size, colors, and/or numbers.


Some people keep mice as pets.  They keep them in a cage with tunnels and wheels to climb through.

Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young

“The Old Gray Cat is Sleeping”

We will climb through tunnels in an obstacle course like mice today.

Changes to the Environment

For dramatic play we will play in the bakery.  For art play we will make mice dance with painted feet on white paper.  We will play with wood chips, PVC, and mice for sensory play and we will build train tracks for construction play.  For small motor play we will use scissors to cut paper and for large motor play we will dance to some “Mouse Tunes”.