Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


The Campus Child Center is closed today.  




There are many different kinds of hats.

A Good Day for A Hat-T. Nat Fuller

We will try to toss balls in hats today.


People in different places wear different kinds of hats.

Whose Hat is This? –Sharon Katz Cooper “Little Bat, Little Bat, Are You Under the ____Hat?”


We will use glue sticks to make a hat collage.


Sometimes we wear hats when we dress up or just for fun. We can use hats to help us use our imaginations.

Hooray for Hat-Brian Won


We will wear our favorite hats and go on a hat parade around our school today.


We wear hats outside in the winter to keep our heads warm.

Twelve Hats for Lena-Karen Katz

“Do You Know Whose Hat This Is?”

We will use glue bottles and pom poms to decorate winter hats today.

Changes to the Environment

For small motor work, we will use small pegs and peg boards. Large motor play this week will be a game of “Ring Around the Hat”. The dramatic play area will feature a hat and shoe store this week. For art, we will use different tools to paint hats. In the sensory table, we will have colored pasta and different scoops.  We will build with unit blocks and animals for construction play.