Self-Identification Information

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Self-Identification Information

In order to meet federal, state, and institutional responsibility and to effectively report Affirmative Action data, UWL asks all employees to self-identify information used in our annual report. This includes information about race, ethnicity, veteran status, gender, and disability status. Below you will find steps to self-identify.

Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment.

This information will be used in summary form to report to state and federal agencies as required by Executive Order 11246 and other applicable laws. This information will also be used to assess and improve our affirmative action and workforce diversity efforts, including in recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion, compensation, and other human resource practices.

Steps to voluntarily complete/update your self-identification process

  1. Log into HRS
  2. Select Home button in top-right corner. 
  3. Select "Personal Details" Button. 
  4. Select "Ethnic Groups" on left-hand menu.
    1. Complete the self-identification survey. 
    2. After reading the Voluntary Self-Identification statement, select "Save".
  5. Select "Veteran Status" on the left-hand menu.
    1. Complete the "Self-Identification" section. 
    2. Select "Submit" 
  6. Select "Disability" on the left-hand menu. 
    1. Complete the "Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability". 
    2. Select "Submit".