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Resources, policies & procedures

A page within Equity & Affirmative Action

The Office of Equity and Affirmative Actions is committed to providing UWL the most up-to-date resources, policies, and procedures. 

At UWL, sexual harassment and misconduct concerns are under the jurisdiction of Title IX and Compliance. For more information, please visit UWL's Title IX webpage

Resources, Policies, and Procedures

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

Individuals with Disabilities

The Policy and Guidelines Applying to Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability was approved by the Universities of Wisconsin Board of Regents on July 8, 1988:

It shall be the policy of the Board of Regents of the Universities of Wisconsin to ensure that no qualified person shall solely be reason of disability, denied access to, participation in, or the benefits of any program or activity operated by the Universities of Wisconsin. Each qualified person shall receive the accommodations needed to ensure equal access to educational opportunities, programs and activities in the most integrated setting possible.

Questions regarding accommodations on students with disabilities should be referred to the ACCESS Center.

UWL Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Human Resources is the first point of contact for employees with disabilities who have questions regarding reasonable accommodations in the workplace. Complaints of discrimination on the basis of disability should be directed to the Office of Equity & Affirmative Action and will be investigated pursuant to

Reasonable Accommodations: It is the policy of UWL to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities who are employees or applicants for employment. UW-La Crosse will adhere to all applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations as required to afford equal employment opportunity to qualified disabled individuals. Reasonable accommodations will be provided in a timely and cost effective manner. Employment opportunities shall not be denied because of the need to make reasonable accommodations to an individual's disability. Questions regarding this policy can be directed to the ADA Coordinator in Human Resources, 144 Graff Main Hall.

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

Please see our Discrimination Complaint page for more information regarding our procedures regarding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. 

Individuals with Disabilities

Grievance Procedures: UWL has internal grievance procedures for prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging any action prohibited by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Sections 504 or 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended. Title II of the ADA states that, "no otherwise qualified disabled individual shall, solely by reason of such disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination" in employment or conditions of employment, or in programs of activities sponsored by a public entity. Section 504 prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in any program or activity that receives federal financial assistance. Section 503 prohibits discrimination in all aspects of employment against person with disabilities, who with reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential job functions.