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Discrimination complaints

A page within Equity & Affirmative Action

UWL is committed to creating an environment that is free from discrimination. Below you will find more information about our process that actively investigates complaints about discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. 

Discrimination Complaint Process

To ensure protections from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation UWL follow has the Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy. Below outlines the procedures outlined in our policy document.

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Information for Investigations

UWL takes complaints about discrimination, harassment, and retaliation seriously. Investigations are meant to provide a thorough review of the incident(s) and the information provided. It will be important that you respond timely to any requests from the investigating officer and provide as much detail as possible. 

If you have any evidence that you'd like to submit to the Office of Equity and Affirmative Action, please submit that evidence using the AAO Evidence Submission Form here