With the goal of internationalizing UWL’s comprehensive range of activities in education, research, and outreach, International Education & Engagement partners with academic units to develop and manage a wide array of international partnerships, from general Memoranda of Understanding to more specific joint efforts, such as student exchange agreements and collaborative degree programs. 

For detailed information regarding the policies and practices associated with collaborative agreements, please review the following guidelines for developing effective new or revised partnership agreements:

Developing International Agreements expanding section

The following information, procedures, and forms should be referenced when developing a Memorandum of Understanding, Contract, or Addendum.  The Provost, Director of International Education and Engagement and Dean of the academic unit must all be consulted prior to any initiation of discussions about MOUs with partners.

UWL MOU-Template.docx

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

An MOU is the initial agreement that establishes a relationship between UWL and a potential partner university. This document does not detail specific curriculum or budget information. Rather, it opens a dialogue for future negotiations. An MOU may be created in conjunction with the development of a Contract or Addendum. The process is relatively simple to complete and approve within a short period of time (1 - 2 months).  


A Contract is the formal document for the partnership between UWL and an international university. The approval process can typically be completed in approximately 2 - 4 months.


An Addendum establishes the specific programming relationship between UWL and an established partner university. This document details specific curriculum and budget information and may be created in conjunction with the development of an MOU or Contract. There may be multiple addenda for a single contract, depending on the partnerships or programs developed.

The development and approval process may take 6 - 9 months or longer for completion. All documents, including curriculum and budget forms, must have approval prior to submission for signatures.  

Please review the Contract/Addendum Timeline for detailed recommendations.

Approval Process

Contract development and approval may take several months, depending on the curriculum sequencing, and review and transfer of the international credits. Once the finalized draft is prepared, it is sent to the host institution for review and approval prior to obtaining signatures. The institution's organizational structure, academic calendar, country holidays, etc., may extend the timeline.

For more information, please contact International Education & Engagement at international@uwlax.edu