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Moving Away from La Crosse? Use this Cost of Living Calculator to help you figure out how expensive it is to live in any city around the world!

Before going off and studying abroad it's important to know how much it will cost you to live there! This calculator will show you not only the money conversion between two countries, but also the estimated cost of living. It also displays the differences of salary, living expenses, housing, etc. Cost of Living Abroad Calculator

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Accurate, real-time salaries for thousands of careers.

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Mobile Apps

Please note we do not receive any money if you use these apps. This is simply a list we have put together for your convenience. 

OnTrees (Free)

[iOS Exclusive]

OnTrees will connect directly to your accounts to provide up to date information on your money.

MySuperMarket (Free)

[iOS] [Android]

Type in your grocery list and MySuperMarket will tell you which local stores are selling those products at the lowest price as well as cheaper alternatives.

Scholly (Free)

[iOS] [Android]

Designed to ease the scholarship search process, Scholly's adaptive matching engine delivers a smarter, targeted list of scholarships for each student.

Mint (Free)

[iOS] [Android]

Open an account, add your bank, credit, loan, and/or retirement accounts and Mint will automatically pull in and categorize your transactions.

Accounts 2 Checkbook ($1.99)

[iOS Exclusive]

You can schedule transactions, transfer funds, capture photo receipts, reconcile, export data, view reports, graphs, and much more. 

 RetailMeNot (Free)

[iOS] [Android]

Imagine having a constantly refreshing stack of money-saving coupons with you wherever you go whenever you need it on your phone.

Coupon Sherpa (Free)

[iOS] [Android]

Finally, an application that provides hundreds of in-store coupons for many merchants right on your phone.  Save money on clothes, shoes, restaurants, electronics, travel, jewelry, sporting goods, books, and more.

Toshl (Free)

[iOS] [Android]

If you're a heavy traveler, Toshl is an excellent expense and budget tracker.  It works with any currency and lets you separate your travel budget from day-to-day expenses.  It comes with a bill organizer and alerts, and can be synced across all your devices

Pennies (4.99)

[iOS Exclusive]

Budgeting shouldn’t be hard work or boring. That’s why in Pennies you won’t find any charts, graphs or complicated diagrams. It's personal finance made easy, it’s your money made simple.

Expense Manager (Free)

[Android Exclusive]

Supports multiple accounts, scheduled payments, receipt picture imports, payment alerts, budgets, search and report, import/export account activities, cloud and SD card backup, customizable expense categories, and charts.

Strides (Free)

[iOS Exclusive]

Lets you track any goals you may have! Helpful for budgeting and saving.



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Interesting Facts 

The average National Student Loan Debt is $35,000.

Average Student indebtedness in the state of Wisconsin is $28,128.

The Average Student indebtedness at UWL is $25,000.

84% of college students have a credit card.  50% of them have 4 or more.

Value of money converted to time:

1 million seconds ago was 12 days ago.

1 billion seconds ago was 32 years ago.

1 trillion seconds ago was 32,000 years ago,  prehistory.

To load a trillion dollars on a train: If we loaded box cars with $1 bills, each car 50 feet long, we could get $65 million in each car. It would take a train 240 miles long to haul the trillion dollars.

$67,000,000,000 in student loans were in default in 2011.

Additional facts can be seen in The Odds each month! (October Odds) Want even more facts? Check out #FinancialFactFriday on our twitter!

Free Tax Filing Assistance

Coulee Region Tax Assistance

Due to COVID-19 health and safety concerns, Coulee Region Tax Assistance had to cancel its final two tax-filing events. The Tax Filing Deadline has been extended to July 15, 2020.

For more information please visit our Coulee Tax Assistance page.


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AARP Tax Site

Prepares FREE taxes Tuesday- Thursday

Call for an appointment 608-789-7443

La Crosse Main Street Library

800 Main Street

La Crosse, WI 54601

United Way Online FREE Taxes




Military OneSource Tax Services

Service members and military families have access to free tax services with easy-to-use MilTax software and support services. Learn how new tax laws might affect you and how a financial counselor can assist you in making the most of your money. They provide tax preparation and filing software, specialized phone support, and additional support such as “Tax Filing Made Simple” and “Filing Taxes When a Service Member is Deployed.”


For K-12 Educators

Looking for ideas to incorporate financial literacy into your class? Click here for free lesson plans and other resources to help your student on the path to financial wellness! 

Click here to access UWL Student Life Emergency Resources