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Make a reservation

A page within Reservations

UWL students, faculty, staff

  1. For meetings/events held in classrooms in academic buildings (Centennial, Wimberly, Graff, Wittich), please wait until the last week of August to begin submitting your requests for fall semester.  Please wait until the last week of December to begin submitting your request for spring semester.  
  2. For meeting/event spaces, if you have a VEMS account, please use that to create your reservation.
  3. Requests must be submitted no later than 3pm of the business day before the date of the meeting/event.  Same-day requests will not be processed.
  4. Before student orgs can submit any requests for reservations, the reservations contact from the group must create a VEMS account. Please scroll down this page to create the account

Virtual EMS

Please watch the tutorial video before using VEMS for the first time. Please be advised that VEMS is for meeting and event spaces only. Classrooms in academic buildings are not accessible through VEMS

Virtual EMS Tutorial: creating and using your VEMS account (Watch Tutorial before using your VEMS account)

Virtual EMS Tutorial: accessing the VEMS calendar without an account

Reservations Information

Who do I contact for computer lab reservations and athletic spaces?

The following table lists reservable spaces and the contact for making reservations:


Reservations contact

Annett Recital Hall University Reservations
Classroom for academic purposes Academic Scheduling Contacts
Classroom for event purposes University Reservations
Computer classrooms Academic Scheduling
Cleary Alumni & Friends Center University Reservations (VEMS)
Conference Room University Reservations (VEMS)
Laboratories Departmental Office
Mitchell Hall & Athletic Fields      Athletics Department Contact
Group Study Rooms Murphy Library Room Reservations
Outdoor Spaces  University Reservations (VEMS)
REC - Recreational Eagle Center Request Form Link
Residence Hall Facilities Residence Life 
Student Union University Reservations (VEMS)
Catering and self-catering

To place a catering order or view menu options visit Catertrax

No food/beverages are allowed in academic classrooms.

A self-catering form must be submitted and approved 2 business days before the event.  Find the form here

University students, faculty, and staff may submit a self-catering request form for up to a $100 value with the following conditions:

  • Only snack foods are allowed (cookies, chips, baked goods, fruits/vegetables, soda, coffee in a carafe, etc.)
  • No outside vendor products can be brought/ordered (Subway, Toppers, etc...)
  • For safety reasons, no food that requires heating/cooling can be brought in (mayonnaise based salads, sloppy joes, etc.)
  • No electrical appliances may be brought in (crock pot, coffee maker, etc.)
  • Self-catering may not be utilized in conjunction with University provided catering
  • No food/beverages are allowed in Academic Classrooms

Campus visitors

  • Thank you for considering UWL for your event needs. Please click on the link below to get started! For additional questions, please reach out to Hayley Harnden.

Wedding receptions

Host your wedding reception in the Student Union! Contact Hayley Harnden for more information.