One-on-One Appointments

Work with one of our counselors or a peer mentor to find scholarships and work on your application materials. We won’t do the work for you but we will definitely make sure you’re on the right track to an award winning essay! 


The Scholarship Resource Center offers a number of presentation topics to student groups, classes, Res Halls, and the community to request.  We can also do a combination of presentation topics. Click on Request this presentation and let us know which presentation you would like and when!

All presentations are less than 30 minutes. SRC will be there to edit and search after presentations.

Getting in the Scholarship Mindset 

It takes more than just great writing to consistently win scholarships. Request this presentation to learn how to organize every aspect of your scholarship process from beginning to end and let us help you put the best foot forward. Request this presentation.

The Hunt and Making Yourself $hine

Finding scholarships and making yourself stand out are two of the more challenging aspects of the scholarship process. This presentation will go over how to best find scholarships that are suited to your unique self and then we will cover topics of making your narrative as unique as you. So request this presentation if you would like to be more successful at finding scholarships and making yourself more competitive. Request this presentation.

Rethinking your Scholarship Side-Hustle

This collaborative presentation between the It Make$ Cents! and SRC offices discusses how lucrative scholarships can be. This presentation helps you see scholarship writing as a part-time job and discuss ways to improve efficiency. . Request this presentation.

Let's Talk: UWL Foundation Scholarships

Are you ready to apply for the UWL Foundation Scholarships? Let’s work on building the perfect profile and how to make yourself stand out next to your fellow Eagles. This is our toughest job because all Eagles are pretty great! Request this presentation.

Stand Out: Show 'em Who You Are

Show 'em Who You Are: We dive right into best practices to standing out in this presentation. From researching the scholarship provider to looking at individual sentence structure, we cover the best ways to write an engaging and informed essay.  Request this presentation.