The Scholarship Resource Center offers a number of presentation topics to student groups, classes, Res Halls, and the community to request.  We can also do a combination of presentation topics. Click on Request this presentation and let us know which presentation you would like and when!

All presentations are less than 30 minutes. SRC will be there to edit and search after presentations.

Getting in the Scholarship Mindset 

Have you ever tried writing an essay without doing any of the brainstorming or other prep work? It is difficult! Organization is out the window since you are writing whatever comes to mind, research is sloppily put together, and the progression is unorthodox and time consuming. That is exactly what happens when you skip the prep work for scholarships. This session will guide you to putting your best foot forward when preparing for your scholarship journey. Request this presentation.

The Hunt and Making Yourself $hine

Here at the SRC, we know how time consuming it is to look for scholarships. However, given the right tools and a few tricks of the trade, we can help you search more accurately for scholarships that fit your unique personality. Speaking of your personality, we also help you weave a story that will surely captivate the scholarship committees. So request this presentation if you would like to be more successful at finding scholarships and making yourself stand out. Request this presentation.

Scholarship Writing

As simple as the name sounds, this presentation stays true to its name. You will not find a lot of fluff in this presentation. You are here to learn everything there is to know about successfully writing scholarships and that is what we do! Request this presentation.

Rethinking your Scholarship Side-Hustle

Scholarships are a legitimate way to pay for your college education. Request this presentation if you would like to learn how to turn the idea of a free education into something more. By reimaging the scholarship application process, you can turn scholarships into something more, a free degree. Request this presentation.

Foundation Scholarships 101

Are you ready to apply for the UWL Foundation Scholarships? Let’s work on building the perfect profile and how to make yourself stand out next to your fellow Eagles. This is our toughest job because all Eagles are pretty great! Request this presentation.

Relatability Markers

How can you build chemistry between you and someone you may never meet? That is the million dollar question that all scholarship applicants want to know. Let the SRC help you figure out what you can add to your application that will make your app POP!  Request this presentation.