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The Scholarship Resource Center offers a number of presentation topics to student groups, classes, Res Halls, and the community to request.  We can also do a combination of presentation topics. Click on Request this presentation and let us know which presentation you would like and when!

All presentations are less than 30 minutes. SRC will be there to edit and search after presentations.

Finding & Prioritizing Scholarships 

Don’t know where to start looking for scholarships? In this session, we will work with students to help them locate scholarships that fit their educational goals, achievements and extracurricular activities/hobbies using our External Scholarship Database, the UWL Foundation database, and resources on the web.

Once we find the scholarships that are right for you we will teach you how to prioritize these scholarships and set weekly goals for applications.  Request this presentation.

How to Make a Donor Dig YOU!

Are you worth investing a $20,000 scholarship in? Of course you are! Learn how to convince a donor that you are the candidate they are looking to invest in through your personal statements and by researching exactly what a company or donor is looking for. Request this presentation.

Scholarships Apps and Your Future Career

Did you know that Scholarship awards also look awesome on your resume?

The SRC and Career Services have a few tips on how your scholarships can prep you for your future job search. Both scholarship and job applications require showing off your best attributes to demonstrate how you are the right person for that company/ organizations. Learn how to develop your resume and supporting documents. Request this presentation.

Perfecting your Essay and Application Materials

Work with the SRC mentors and Writing Center Tutors to learn the dos and don’ts of application and essay writing. Bring a sample of your work to perfect your style.

Already applied for a few scholarships? Learn how to recycle your essays to save time and energy on your next scholarship applications! Request this presentation.

Foundation Scholarships 101

Are you ready to apply for the UWL Foundation Scholarships? Let’s work on building the perfect profile and how to make yourself stand out next to your fellow Eagles. This is our toughest job because all Eagles are pretty great! Request this presentation.