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Scholars programs

A page within Scholarship Resource Center

UWL Eagle Apprenticeships

  •  Awarded to 25 top notch freshmen as a recruiting incentive. 
  •  The average ACT score of these students is 31, and they are in the top 96% of their high school. 
  • These students are paid $1,000 for both their first and second year to work with a faculty mentor on their research. 
  • Engaging the students with a mentor gives them valuable experience in their discipline, and helps them make educated career decisions early in college.

McNair Scholars

The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is funded by the United States Department of Education and the UWL College of Science and Health to provide eligible students with support and preparation for graduate school.

McNair Scholars must either be low-income, first generation college students AND/OR be members of a traditionally underrepresented group in their field (usually African American, Latino/a, Native American and/or American Pacific Islander). WE ACCEPT JUNIORS AND SENIORS WITH ANY UNIVERSITY MAJOR.

For more information on eligibility for this great opportunity, please visit the McNair website HERE


UWL First! Scholars


The “UWL First! Scholars Program” is designed to assist select first generation/low income students to succeed academically through a coordinated system of support, integrating college readiness, financial aid, advising and career development.  The program hopes to address the social and economic barriers to higher education for select students who demonstrate intellectual promise and financial need.

Who are they?

UWL First! Scholars are high performing, first generation students who have been hand selected by the UWL Admissions Office to participate in this scholarship and retention program. First! Scholars have a bright future at UWL and this program helps establish firm roots here.

Benefits to the Scholars

Each cohort of up to 25 first generation students will have the unique opportunity to enroll in this scholarship program. Students are offered a $2,000.00 scholarship for the first and second year of enrolled. The program streamlines office visits, making it easier for our students to stay on track. Students will reside in a living learning community, though not all that live in this community will be members of the UWL First! Scholars, most will be. We also try to arrange a class that all Scholars take together. Scholars will also have the opportunity to develop work experience through on-campus internship opportunities. Through camaraderie, students will develop a sense of belonging, which will assist with their transition to the university. 


First-Year Research Exposure

First Year Research Exposure (FYRE) is an academic diversity initiative in the UWL College of Science and Health. Every year, we offer 15 undergraduate students of color the opportunity to participate in career and major exploration activities and enroll in gateway classes together. All FYRE students are matched with peer mentors and tutors to help them make a smooth transition to college life. Students who meet program expectations receive a $1000 scholarship during their second year at UWL.

We recruit incoming first year students to our program every Spring -- please get in touch with our staff if you'd like more information about how to apply.


Hekima Scholars Program

Hekima in the Swahili language means Wisdom.

Hekima Scholars Program was developed in 2018 to address the educational barriers facing young Men of Color at UWL. This is accomplished by forming the circle of wisdom (where professional Men of Color speaks with Hekima Scholars, giving advise and encouragements), learning the rights as Men of Color, learning about starting own business, and many more. 

This is a 1-credit course in which is taught by a faculty instructor along side a staff member from the Division of Diversity & Inclusion, mainly from the Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS). 

This will be cohort based with 15 students, 2 instructors and 2 mentors (1 graduate student and 1 undergraduate student). 


Eagle Mentoring Program

EMP is a program that benefits second-year under-represented students by providing a variety of collaborative opportunities to ensure success in academic settings. EMP is a stepping stone to UWL's TRIO McNair Scholars Program.

EMP's mission is to close the achievement gap between historically under-represented students and their peers. EMP seeks to help diverse students form a more positive identification with the Institution and Community by conveying and providing students with a sense or feeling of genuine concern, caring, warmth, welcome and satisfaction with their college experience, so that they can be motivated and inspired to achieve academic excellence

EMP students take a 1-credit course in helping them develop/create a research proposal at the end of the year. This is a full academic year commitment. Students will develop an appreciation and familiarity with writing, research, and communication methods, enriching their educational experiences, particularly contributing to their success in capstone course experiences and/or senior or honors theses.