Update on SLO Services During Shelter In Place

Because of the current shelter in place status at UWL through September 28th, the Student Life Office will be providing its student support services remotely during normal business hours.If you have a unit specific question or need a specific appointment with a representative in our office, we encourage you to visit our "Our People" page. Most staff members provide a "Meet with me" link that will allow you to directly schedule an appointment. If you have a general question, please contact us using our email address at: studentlife@uwlax.edu or call us at 608.785.8062. Our goal is to respond to phone calls as quickly as possible, on business days. We do request your understanding regarding any delays. With recent COVID activity on the campus, we are doing our best to address the larger volume and nature of calls and email we are receiving.

The Student Life Office is responsible for the student conduct process at the university.  We recognize each student as a whole person, and we value equity, diversity, and the inclusion and engagement of all people in a safe campus environment.  The student conduct process is designed to address the student’s relationship to the institution and its behavioral standards and policies.  To guide student behavior, the University of Wisconsin System provides a student code of conduct that articulates expectations for students and that provides the university appropriate procedures to effectively address student misconduct.  

At UWL, our process is grounded in education and development and practices fundamental fairness to all involved.  The student conduct process focuses on assessing the impacts of an individual’s behavior on the learning environment of others and facilitating student growth, learning, and development.  Our philosophy is guided by the notion that mistakes made can be invaluable learning opportunities for students.  It is our goal with the student conduct process that we cultivate a safe community for all students, staff, faculty, and guests at UW La Crosse. 

Learning Outcomes

We intend that students who engage in the student conduct process will: 

  • recognize how their choices and behavior relate to their values, beliefs, and/or goals;
  • learn to identify alternatives for managing similar behavior and develop strategies to choose those alternatives in the future;
  • grow their understanding of other peoples' perspectives; 
  • develop awareness of the ways their individual actions impact the UWL community and why UWL is concerned about student behavior that violates its policies; and 
  • understand how further misconduct may impact future goals at UWL, and beyond.