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Whether you are interested in Theatre Arts as a major, a minor, or just as an extra-curricular activity, we have the program for you.  We have an invigorated and fresh approach to theatre at UWL.  You will be a person in the theatre department and never just another number.  We are a liberal arts undergraduate program, so you will never have to compete with graduate students for the same acting roles or backstage and design assignments.

We produce a 6-play season with recent productions including: Angels In America, Metamorphoses, The Rocky Horror Show, Cabaret, Marisol, Oedipus Rex and Hair. Come and work with us! Become part of a community on campus just as soon as you'd like. Audition, volunteer, sign-up for class credit for production work; whatever fits your needs. Most auditions are cold readings (nothing to prepare) and backstage work is always available. Majors and minors can emphasize in Performance, Design/Tech, General Theatre, Arts Administration, Theatre Management, or Musical Theatre!

Theatre at UWL is a vibrant and growing program. We have a dedicated faculty and a strong student body who collaborate to create exciting and cutting-edge theatre:  Theatre that matters.  Feel free to contact us for information or just to ask a question at any time.  Join us for a Campus Close-Up or call and set up a campus visit.  We'll have you visit classes, meet with students and faculty members, get you tickets for a play or let you attend a rehearsal.  We look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Come be part of a community of artists and creators at UWL!


The Department of Theatre Arts at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse endeavors to provide students with the tools necessary to function as complete artists and self-realized individuals, combining theatrical training with a strong liberal arts curriculum. A combination of classroom training and realized production work allows for a well-rounded college experience with an emphasis on the collaborative and creative process.


The course work and production requirements followed to earn a bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse seek to: 1) provide training for theatre careers by preparing students for further specialization at the graduate level or employment within the professional field, and 2) provide students with the skills necessary to seek other career and/or educational opportunities.


The study of theatre combines the knowledge and skills required of a performer, creator, teacher, theorist, and historian. Undergraduate studies in theatre should prepare students for a variety of collaborative artistic roles.

In order to achieve these goals, the program is designed to prepare students to:

  • Be involved in the creation and presentation of public performances in theatre.
  • Develop visual and aural perceptions related to theatre performance. 
  • Develop intellectual skills needed to analyze play scripts and other dramatic texts.
  • Develop the creative thinking necessary for concrete expression.
  • Improve technical writing skills
  • Understand basic production processes such as acting, directing, scenic, costume, make-up, lighting and sound design, stage and theatre management, technical direction and operations related to productions. 
  • Become familiar with and develop competence in a number of theatrical techniques/disciplines. 
  • Become familiar with the historical and cultural dimensions of theatre, including the works of leading playwrights, directors, actors, designers, historians and theorists both past and present. 
  • Develop collaborative skills and learn to create a professional working atmosphere.
  • Identify and incorporate a variety of perspectives, both in global and artistic, in production/practicum/classroom work.
  • Understand and evaluate contemporary thinking about theatre and related arts. 
  • Demonstrate and apply critical thinking skills to make informed assessments of quality works of theatre.
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