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Beginning October 4 

Congratulations to the UW-La Crosse Theatre production of 26 Pebbles on winning the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Citizen Artist Award!

Angels in AmericaWriting in the Major is a programmatic and developmental approach to advancing writing and learning. Since writing, like other complex skills, develops over a long period of time, it is important to create a program that extends across the entire undergraduate experience. Department-based programs give special attention to students' capacities in formal writing and writing-to-learn. By acting collectively--with shared goals, expectations, criteria, and standards--instructors can have a potent, cumulative effect on students' writing and learning.

Students who complete the requirements for a major with an approved writing-in-the-major program also satisfy the university Writing Emphasis requirement. Departments work through a collaborative, developmental process before submitting an official proposal form.

For more information, visit UWL's Writing in the Major.

The Department of Theatre Arts has been an active participant in the Writing in the Major program, focusing on the writing element in several upper level theatre courses.  For more information, visit Theatre Writing in the Major Proposal.