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Eagle Apprentices

A page within Undergraduate Research & Creativity

Each year, as a recruiting and retention incentive, the UWL Admissions Office will offer 25+ incoming freshmen scholars the opportunity to work side by side with a faculty member on special projects or collaborative research related to the students' major. Students selected to be an Eagle Apprentice will work approximately 2-3 hours per week during each semester and receive a $1,000 scholarship for their work as undergraduate researcher assistants. If these students return as an Eagle Apprentice a second year, they will receive another $1,000 scholarship for their continued participation.

Even working just 2-3 hours a week will allow students to gain experience working in their major. Another advantage of the program is that it helps students determine early on whether their chosen major is the right fit for them, allowing them to switch majors sooner rather than later.

Here are comments from a few Eagle Apprentices when asked how their semester was going:

Through the research, I am able to learn all about loyalty programs and other general marketing concepts. I never realized how much every seemingly simple marketing concept is actually affected by an uncountable amount of characteristics. I am now looking forward to being able to take marketing classes once I am accepted into the College of Business.

I am having a blast with my apprenticeship! Dr. K has been a great mentor, and I'm learning a lot. Such things involve how electromyograms (EMGs) work and how to place them on different muscles, different theories of attentional focus and motor output, anatomy of the human body, how to do work software and other equipment, how to write up a research study (and soon run one), and much more. I'm incredibly happy that I took on this opportunity. Thank you!

Questions about the selection process for the Eagle Apprentice Program can be directed to Questions about the program related to research or mentorship can be directed to

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