Sports Broadcasting Minor

Sports Broadcasting is an interdisciplinary minor. Students take courses in broadcasting and sports management. This minor prepares the undergraduate student for entry-level positions in the sports broadcast field. Students receive comprehensive training in the fundamentals of sports journalism. The minor covers the three major areas of sports broadcasting: play-by-play, anchoring, and reporting. Students also develop solid writing and production skills.

Sports Broadcasting Minor Requirements

All colleges (excluding Teacher Certification programs): 24 credits

Required: CST 271 or SOC 240; CST 275, 374 (2 cr.), 370, 471, and ESS 348 (repeat for a total of four credits). 

Choose one course from the following: ESS 130, CST 270 or 376. 

Complete five to seven credits from the following (with at least three credits at the 300/400 level): CST 270, 274, 372, 374, 376, 474, ESS 249, 259, 349, SOC 240.