We support student success by providing quality peer consulting on oral presentations.

Peer consultants aid students with:

  • Topic selection
  • Preparation and presentation outlines
  • Content development
  • Delivery
  • Presentational aids
  • Managing speaking anxiety
  • Remote presentations
  • Increasing confidence in public speaking 

Public Speaking Center - Hours and Appointments

We are available for remote tutoring via Collaborate Ultra at Tutoring, Murphy Learning Center. Please self-enroll in this Canvas page: Tutoring, UWL Learning Center to have access to tutoring.

Here is a video explaining how to participate in remote tutoring. 

Please schedule an appointment (30 minutes) at least 24 hours in advance. 

We are open for remote tutoring during the following days and times:

Sundays 4-7pm

Mondays 10am-9pm

Tuesdays 10am-5:30pm, 6-9pm

Wednesdays 10am-9pm

Thursdays 10am-7pm

Fridays 10am-2pm

During your appointment, the tutor will track your information on a MS Office Form. Dr. Lavelle will send an email to you and your instructor to follow up for proof of consultation within 48 hours.  

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Kate Lavelle klavelle@uwlax.edu  

Please read the frequently asked questions before coming to your appointment. 


Want to be a Peer Consultant? 

Our next round of hiring will be in March/April 2021 (for 2021-2022 academic year).

Please contact Kate Lavelle (klavelle@uwlax.edu) if you have questions. 

Additional Resources

You can use this QR code or click here to access our survey for leaving consultant feedback. 


The Murphy Learning Center offers free tutoring in a variety of subject areas. 

The Public Speaking Center at UWL is one of fifteen communication centers in the United States that has a training program certified by the National Association of Communication Centers.




Contact Kate Lavelle, Public Speaking Center Director, at klavelle@uwlax.edu or 608.785.6698 for questions, ideas, and feedback.

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Where do I go for tutoring?

Please self-enroll in this Canvas page: Tutoring, UWL Learning Center to have access to tutoring - this is the platform for remote tutoring. Join the Public Speaking Center room in Collaborate Ultra. We are not offering face to face tutoring in Fall 2020. 

Here is a video explaining how to participate in remote tutoring. 

Who comes to the Center and why?  

Students from all majors can use the Public Speaking Center. Trained peer consultants will help any UWL student. We offer assistance with:   

  • Topic selection 
  • Audience analysis logo
  • Content development
  • Organizing ideas 
  • Preparation outlines 
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Informative Presentations
  • Group Presentations
  • Delivery outlines and speaking notes 
  • Delivery (hand and facial gestures, vocal tone) 
  • Audio-visual aids 
  • Managing speaking anxiety 

What should I bring to my appointment?  

  • A copy of your course syllabus
  • Assignment directions and rubric
  • Any notes or drafts

What will happen at the beginning of my appointment?  

The peer tutor will ask a few questions to work with you, including:

  • The assignment you want to work on
  • Your instructor's name
  • The course where the assignment is from
  • Your goal for the 30 minute session (what part of the assignment do you want to work on)

How long do appointments last?  

  • Appointments are 30 minutes
  • If you need additional help, you can schedule a follow up appointment

Asynchronous tutoring  

We recognize that it may be difficult to participate in remote or face to face tutoring. If you would like to receive feedback via email from a tutor, you can upload your work into the Tutoring, UWL Learning Center dropbox and you will receive feedback from a tutor within 72 hours. 

Can I practice my presentation and receive feedback?  

Yes! A peer consultant can watch you practice and provide feedback on your delivery and/or content. The Public Speaking Center is equipped with a laptop, a large monitor for practicing with visual aids (i.e., PowerPoint), and video camera if you would like your practice session taped.  

Can I receive feedback on my content and organization?  

Yes! A peer consultant can provide feedback on content development, outlines, and organization of ideas.  

Will coming to the Center increase my grade?  

Our goal is to help you be as successful as possible for your presentations. Most students who meet with a peer consultant during a 45-minute appointment leave with approximately specific suggestions for improvement. Receiving feedback from a peer consultant is just one step in preparing a presentation. Students should recognize that they are ultimately responsible for their performance on their assignments, and that the feedback they receive may or may not affect their grade positively or negatively.  Please also note that the Center will not:   

  • Write speeches for students. 
  • Guarantee a perfectly composed and/or delivered presentation. 
  • Guess (or second guess) grades.  

What is the history of the Public Speaking Center?  

During the 2012-2013 academic year, Dr. Tony Docan-Morgan and undergraduate student Lindsay Swiggum piloted the Center and found student and instructor interest and need. During the 2013-2014 academic year, we received a permanent home in the Murphy Learning Center, hired 11 peer consultants, provided over 500 student consultations, and hosted six workshops on topics ranging from managing public speaking anxiety, extemporaneous delivery, using creative and vivid language, and using PowerPoint. During 2014-2015, our training program was certified by the National Association of Communication Centers, we had over 1,200 student consultations, and we created and hosted the Public Speaking Competition. During 2015-2016, we had over 1,500 student consultations and delivered 40 public speaking workshops on campus. We’re excited about serving all UWL students and look forward to continued growth and usage. 
We've received grants from the College of Liberal Studies (CLS) Small Grant,  CLS Technology Grant, and CATL Faculty Development Grant. 

See our 2012-2015 and 2015-2016 reports for additional information regarding our growth, outreach, assessments, and goals. 

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Public Speaking Basics (click links below)

These handouts are adapted from the current CST 110 Textbook (Fall 2019). 

Getting Started with Speeches Guides

Online Presentations

Audience Analysis Guides

Writing Speeches Guides

Outlining Guides

Presentational Aids Guides

Using Research in Speeches Guides

Speech Delivery Guides

Informative Speech Guides

Persuasive Speech Guides

Informative Speaking - Resources and Examples

  • Austin MacKenzie's purpose was to inform the audience about spray paint art and to teach them how to create an original piece of spray art. Files: Speech videopreparation outline

Persuasive Speaking - Resources and Examples

Library/research tutorials

Have ideas for resources? Contact Kate Lavelle at klavelle@uwlax.edu 
Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee

Psychology and Communication Studies

As a peer consultant, I will do my best to assist you with anything from brainstorming a topic to the preparation of the presentation the night before it's due.  When I took CST 110, I was very worried about having to give a speech, but I visited the Public Speaking Center so often that I became confident in my public speaking abilities.  In fact, CST 110 is the class that made me realize I wanted to major in Communications.   

Quote to live by: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years." -Abraham Lincoln

Specialty Area: Psychology presentations or Communication speeches

Josh Koenecke

Josh Koenecke

Interpersonal Communication

As a peer consultant, I am here to help you become more comfortable with writing, presenting, or anything else related to speaking at all. Speaking isn't such a horrible thing, and I can help you start to think that too!

Quote to live by: "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." - Douglas Adams

Specialty Area:  Interpersonal topics, generating speech ideas, and helping with the general delivery and flow of a presentation.

Holly Korfmacher

Holly Korfmacher

Psychology and Communication Studies

 As a peer consultant, I want to help other students feel comfortable and confident in presenting speeches in class. 

Quote to live by: Live happy, pure, and bliss.

Specialty Area: I feel confident in assisting with outlines, considering I was just a freshman last year and excelled in outlines

Meet Holly!

Savannah Rygiewicz

Savannah Rygiewicz

Public Health

As a peer consultant, my goal is to give students the proper knowledge and skills in regard to public speaking so that they feel more comfortable communicating in all areas of life whether that be for presentations, speeches, interviews or simply talking with a professor/classmate.

Minor: Pre-PA Track

Quote to Live By: “Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.”

Specialty Area: I feel comfortable assisting students with persuasive speeches in particular, as well as science-related presentations due to my Pre-PA track and my knowledge from those courses. 


Tyler Sidders

Tyler Sidders

Physical Education

As a peer consultant, I hope to help individuals better understand effective methods in speech communication. 

Minor: Interpersonal Communication

Quote to live by: "Life is too important to be taken seriously." Oscar Wilde

Specialty Area: "Anything in relation to the exercise sport science major, as I feel I have extended knowledge in that area. I feel confident in assisting with persuasive speeches.


Sophia Sorenson

Sophia Sorenson


As a peer consultant, my goal is to provide a welcoming environment to help students grow more confident with their public speaking abilities along with providing them with information to lead them to success.

Quote to Live By: "Live and let live."

Specialty Area: Organization of topic ideas and transitions 

Timmy Kissel

Timmy Kissel

Public Health and Communication Studies

As a peer consultant, my goal is to help you at any step of the public speaking process. From brainstorming topic selection, creating outlines, fixing APA citations, and speech delivery, I know that I can give you the proper feedback you need to feel more prepared. When I was a freshman, I was so worried about giving speeches in front of the whole class. I realized that I had a little bit of public speaking anxiety. I think it is essential to recognize that you may feel uncomfortable in certain situations. It is even better if you are willing to go seek help from us peer consultants who are properly trained and experienced with managing stress in these most difficult times. Because I learned how to get through these stressful times, it made me realize I love CST! I am hoping to help you overcome the same fear I went through and hopefully show you how awesome Communication Studies is!

Meet Timmy

Quote To Live By: “You don’t have to live an exciting life to be a good writer.” -Patricia Hampl
Specialty Area: Introduction and conclusions, APA citations.

Mia Rentmeester

Business Management

As a peer consultant, my goal is to help students get over their fear of public speaking. Many of us are afraid to stand in front of a group of people and talk but it is an essential life skill. I will do whatever it takes to help make your CST 110 experience as enjoyable as possible!

A Quote to Live By: “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”-Kurt Cobain

Specialty Area: Presentation tips, delivery, and outlines.

Katie Banie

As a peer consultant, I want to help students to feel comfortable and confident in their work so that they can speak passionately about their ideas.
Minor: Sociology 
Quote To Live By: “Sometimes later becomes never. Do it now”
Specialty Areas: Presentation tips and generating ideas.
Calla Valiquette

Calla Valiquette

Psychology  & Pre-PA track

Meet Calla!

Major: Psychology on the Pre-PA track

Quote to live by: "If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."

As a Peer Consultant: I hope to help others enhance their communication and presentational skills while creating a comfortable learning environment! Public speaking can be stressful, but I am here to share my experiences with others and help them overcome any concerns that they may have regarding their communication abilities. I am also here to listen and offer feedback!

Specialty: Outline organization and delivery.

Kate Lochner

Kate Lochner

Public Communication and Advocacy (Biology Minor)

Quote to live by: "Keep moving forward." - Walt Disney

As a peer consultant: My goal is to help students become more confident while public speaking and learn how to effectively present their thoughts and ideas. Everyone has important ideas to share, but sometimes communication becomes a barrier to sharing those ideas. My goal is to help remove that barrier so students can clearly express themselves and be confident in doing so.

Specialty: Topic selection, presentation delivery, and science-related topics.

Sunshine Vue

Sunshine Vue

Interpersonal Communication Studies and Organizational/Professional Communication Studies

Quote to live by: If you really want something, you don't stop for anyone or anything until you get it"

Specialty: Outlines, PowerPoint, APA Citations

Owen Montheard

Owen Montheard

Communication Studies (Media Studies) International Business (Minor)

As a peer consultant: My goal as a tutor is to help people see how fun public speaking can be!

Specialty: Delivery of the speech

Jane Cimperman

Jane Cimperman

Communication Studies-Organizational and Professional Communication (Photography Minor)