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A page within Murphy Learning Center

Economics tutors are located in Murphy 273! Go left off the bridge.

For more information regarding Economics tutoring or for any questions, please contact SaraJane Parsons

Murphy Learning Center

Here at the Murphy Learning Center, our tutors are all friendly, qualified individuals. All of our tutors have gotten good grades in the classes they tutor and have been recommended by faculty from their department. In addition to their knowledge our tutors are now taking a class designed to make them effective tutors. Meet our tutors!

Makayla Ullman

Makayla Ullman

Major: Accounting 

Minor: Business Analytics, Certificate of Spanish for Business and Organizations 

About me: I am currently a sophomore at UWL! This will be my first semester tutoring Economics. I am from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin and have a shih tzu named Molly back home. In my free time you will usually find me playing board games or watching movies with my friends, but I also like crocheting, reading, volunteering, and painting. 

Study Tip: Make sure you take good notes and understand the material from class! Attending lectures (and not being afraid to ask questions) is useful because professors can explain things further than just what is in the slideshows or textbook. Write down those extra pieces of information and come up with mnemonics or helpful tools that help you remember; it will make it easier to study later for an exam. Sometimes the best way to do this is to find a buddy in the class and compare how you did the problem! 

Ethan Severin

Ethan Severin

Major: Business-Management  

About Me: I am currently a sophomore at UWL. This will be my second semester tutoring Economics. I grew up in Appleton, WI and attended Xavier High School. My hobbies include hanging out with friends, snowboarding, surfing, and all sports. I also enjoy traveling and building a healthy lifestyle.  

Study Tip: Always attend class and take hand-written notes to understand the material more effectively – this will also help to avoid long study sessions before tests. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your professors questions as they are there to help you. When studying and doing work, find a spot that limits distractions as you will work faster and efficiently. Don’t procrastinate as it makes school harder, but rather stay on top of course material as school will become easier.