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Prospective students

If you would like to become a CST minor, complete a "Change of Program" form in Morris 260.

CST Major Admission Requirements

Completion of a minimum of 45 semester credits (transfer students must have completed a minimum of 24 of the 45 semester credits at UWL).

Successful completion (C or better) of CST 110 and ENG 110 or 112.

Completion of CST 190 (or an equivalent course transferred from another institution) with grade of B or better. A student who does not receive a B or better in CST 190 must receive a B or better in CST 301 for admission to the major.

Achieve a UWL cumulative GPA of 2.70, not including courses taken at other institutions, and then maintain a UWL cumulative GPA of 2.70 to remain in good standing in the major. Students whose GPA drops below 2.70 will have one probationary semester to raise the GPA back to a 2.70 and then they can re-apply to the major. Students who do not achieve a GPA of 2.70 after the probationary semester will be dropped from the major.

Appealing Admission Requirements

To appeal admission requirements, students must submit the following materials to the CST Department Chair to be considered for admission to the major: 1) a copy of the student's current unofficial transcript; and 2) a persuasive letter requesting waiver of the specific admission requirements not met that justifies admission to the major in spite of deficiencies in admission requirements. Appeals will be evaluated by the CST Department Executive Committee. Students who appeal should understand that appeals are rarely granted.

Declaring a CST Major

While you can declare a pre-CST major by filling out paperwork in Morris 260, you must meet the admission requirements above to be an official CST major.  Students who have fulfilled these requirements must see the CST department chair or their CST faculty adviser to obtain approval to declare the major. A current advisement report will document fulfillment of admission requirements. The approval form then must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Studies.

Majoring and Minoring in CST

CST majors may choose any minor offered by the CST department that does not duplicate the emphasis they have selected for their CST major. Courses counted toward the 39-credit major, while they may fulfill requirements for that minor, may not be counted in the minor. An additional elective course or courses in the minor must be taken to complete the 24 credits required in that minor. Students who combine a CST major with a minor also offered by the CST department must complete 60 credits of courses in CST programs.

Writing in the Major

The Communication Studies department incorporates a significant amount of writing through the required courses instead of identifying particular courses as writing emphasis courses. Students who complete the CST major, including any of the emphases, will fulfill the university writing emphasis requirement.


The department offers several scholarship opportunities.  Visit the CST scholarships page to read about the scholarship available for CST majors.


CST majors have the opportunity to engage in myriad internship opportunities throughout their careers.  As seniors, CST majors can earn up to 6 hours of CST 450: Internship credit for a qualifying internship experience.  See the CST Internship page for more information. 

In 2015 and 2016, CST majors completed internships at the following organizations:

Time Warner Cable
Playtone Productions
Crossfire Youth Center
Inland Label & Marketing Services
Hear Here Project
La Crosse Symphony Orchestra
Kwik Trip
La Crosse Forage & Turf
UW-L Campus Climate
La Crosse County UW-Extension
UW-L Athletics
Riverside International Friendship Gardens
Gander Mountain
Google, Inc.
Ron KInd, US Congress, La Crosse Office
Initiate Demand
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse
Mayo Clinic Health System
J.F. Brennan Company
American Association of University Women
The Center
La Crosse Radio Group
MKE Sports & Entertainment