Anxiety Screening

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____ 1. I have feelings of intense discomfort in social situations.

____ 2. I frequently experience physical symptoms, such as a pounding heart, excessive sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, nausea, and/or chest pain, that are not due to exercise or the weather.

____ 3. I am prone to recurrent thoughts or ideas (obsessions) that seem to last for hours.

____ 4. I have excessive fears and apprehensions, e.g. fear of heights, flying, spiders that interfere with my daily activities.

____ 5. I often "freeze up" in performance situations, e.g. taking a test or giving a speech.

____ 6. I feel very stressed because I was involved in or witnessed a traumatic event.

____ 7. I can never relax or get a good night's sleep because of excessive worry.

If you checked 4 or more of these symptoms you MAY be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety and stress can be effectively treated. Contact the Counseling & Testing Center (608.785.8073 or 2106 Centennial) for more information or to set up an appointment to meet with a counselor.