Advising, graduation requirements, and standards

Academic advising plays a significant role in the total process of educating students. It is a process that encompasses development and delivery of accurate up-to-date information regarding career options, educational programs, courses of instruction, resources, policies, and procedures to most effectively aid students in pursuing their educational goals.

Undergraduate Graduation Requirements and Standards

Graduation Requirements: UW-La Crosse College of Science and Health

  1. Fulfill the General Education Program requirements.
  2. Complete the courses prescribed by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for the degree (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts) desired in the College of Science and Health.
  3. Earn a minimum of 120 semester credits with at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average (GPA) Note that some programs may require a higher minimum cumulative GPA for graduation. At least 40 credits must be earned in 300 and 400 (upper division) numbered courses. Courses earned at the lower division level at another institution, or two-year institution, regardless of equivalency, will not count toward the 40 credits required for graduation.
  4. Complete department major and minor requirements with at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA in each major and minor (Note: some majors and programs require a higher minimum cumulative GPA).
  5. Complete the College of Science and Health Core Curriculum .
  6. Fulfill the minimum requirements for study in residence (Note: refer to the university catalog baccalaureate degree requirements).
  7. Submit an application for graduation via the "Apply for Graduation" link in the WINGS Student Center at the time of registration for the final semester or term. Schedule a credit check with the College of Science and Health Academic Services Director by calling 608.785.8218. Refer to Graduation News for further information.

NOTE: No degree will be awarded unless all requirements are fulfilled within thirty days after the official ending date of each term (semester, Winter Intersession, or summer session).

Curriculum Substitutions

The General Education Program, CSH Core Requirements, major and minor curriculums have been approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and, consequently, any deviation from the published curriculum must be approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, or its designee, and properly documented on the student's Permanent Record.

If a student has a need for a curriculum substitution or modification and the faculty advisor feels that it is a legitimate substitution/modification request, the student must complete the Curriculum Substitution Request Form (available in the CSH Dean's Office, 105 Graff Main Hall) and obtain the necessary approvals. The form should then be submitted in the CSH Dean's Office (105 Graff Main Hall) for consideration and potential curriculum committee action. Call 608.785.8218 if you have any questions.

The committee will not accept petitions from graduating seniors after the first four weeks of the semester!

Degree Audits (Advisement Reports)

The audit is an unofficial advisory tool that will assist the student and the faculty advisor in determining which degree requirements remain to be completed.

A degree audit is an evaluation of the credits a student has earned. It includes courses in progress, total credits earned at UWL, transfer credits, retroactive credits, AP credits, Credit by Examination credits, major and minor credits, General Education Program requirements and CSH Core requirements. A computerized degree audit, Advisement Report (AR) is prepared for all undergraduate degree seeking students, each semester, prior to registration. ARs are made available to the student and to their faculty advisor. A "What-If" AR may also be printed for exploration into another major or program on campus. This will apply the student's credits to the requirements for the major being explored.

An AR for your current program can be accessed through WINGS. To explore another major or program on campus or if you have trouble understanding your AR, look to the WINGS help pages, the Academic Advising Center webpage, or stop in to see an advisor.

Important Forms

Below is a partial listing of forms that students and faculty may frequently use:

Form Available from
Curriculum Substitution Dean's Office
Course Override (blue) Instructor
Time Conflict (blue) Instructor
Drop/Add Slip Records & Registration, 117 Graff Main Hall
Off-Campus Course Eval & Permit (Green) Dean's Office
Change of Program Form  Online form for CSH 
Intent to Graduate WINGS
Transcript Request WINGS

Incomplete  Grades

If an undergraduate student receives a grade of "I" (incomplete) the student must make up all required work and have a grade submitted by the instructor within 1 1/2 enrolled semesters. However, most instructors will require a specific completion date. If a grade is not submitted the "I" will automatically turn to a grade of "F" after 1 1/2 enrolled semesters. Complete information about the Incomplete Policy can be found in the Incomplete Grade section of the university catalog.

Probation Standards and Ineligible to Continue Appeals

Students must maintain a minimum academic standard in order to continue at UWL. Based on grades earned at UW-La Crosse, a student will be assigned a Good Standing, Probation, or Ineligible to Return status. These standards are defined in the UWL Catalog in the Academic Regulations and Student Conduct section under the subsection of Retention, Probation, and Suspension. It is possible for a first semester student or for a student never before on Probation to be declared Ineligible to Return!

If you are declared ineligible to continue at the end of the semester, you have the right to appeal the decision. Please refer to the Suspended Student page for further information.

Graduate Level Information, Advising, and Standards

Graduate students have slightly different requirements and policies.  Please refer to the Graduate Studies website, program specific information, and graduate advising information for further details.