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The Department of Management and UW-La Crosse are committed to student success.  Perhaps no one from your family has ever attended college...If you have been admitted to UW-La Crosse, then know that as a "first-generation college student" you CAN succeed here!  If you are a prospective college student, wondering:  "Is UW-La Crosse a good school for me to attend?" then consider the following true stories of excellent UWL students, who come from "all walks of life" and diverse backgrounds.  If you are a prospective employer, you may wish to hire a UWL Management graduate.  There are numerous stories of hardworking students like these:

Ryan Crain (2017; as a student): 
Ryan Crian (2018; after graduation):


Britney Kocken: 


Collin J. Janssen: 


Department Grade Appeal Procedure

The following is the department's appeal procedure to be used if you have evidence that the grading in a course was arbitrary or capricious.  To request a grade reconsideration, please use the following procedure, as described in the Department of Management Bylaws:

A. Procedures

i. The process of appealing a final course grade should start with a formal filing by the student with the Department Chair within four (4) weeks of regular semester days after viewing the final course grade. [There is no special "form" for this; a written, signed letter is sufficient to initiate the process.]

ii. The student and the instructor (instructors in case of team instruction) should meet informally to discuss the issues within 2 weeks of filing an appeal.

iii. If the student and the instructor agree to a grade change, then the new assigned grade is changed by the instructor using the appropriate final grade change form. [The Department Chair should be informed that the matter was satisfactorily resolved.]  If the student and the instructor are unable to reach an agreement, the student files a petition in writing with the Department Chair within 2 weeks of meeting with the instructor.  The petition must contain all the supporting documents.

iv. Department Chair designates an ad hoc departmental committee of two faculty members, preferably, of the same area of teaching as the instructor, within two weeks of receiving the appeal. The Department Chair also designates a Convener. The Chair serves as an ex-officio member who casts a vote in case of a tie.

v. The committee typically asks the student to present their case with the appropriate documentation and portfolio. The instructor presents their case to the committee in a separate hearing. The committee may conduct a joint hearing if both the parties agree to such an arrangement. Open Meeting statutes of the State of Wisconsin will govern all the hearings (e.g., Wis. Stat. § 19.81-19.98).

vi. The Committee makes a recommendation of the change of grade [or no change of grade] to the Chair based upon its finding. The Committee should conduct its hearings and meetings in a timely fashion so as to complete formulating its recommendation within 4 weeks of receiving charges from the Chair.

vii.The Chair of the Department of Management inform the parties (student and instructor) in writing of the recommendation made by the Committee within 1 week of receiving the recommendation. The final decision made by the Chair of the Department is based upon the Committee’s recommendation and is binding on both parties.

viii.The Chair then proceeds to change the grade (if appropriate) on the final grade change form within 1 week of communicating to the parties the outcome of the ‘grade change’ decision.