How do I declare a major?

Paperwork required to declare your major is available in the College of Business Dean's office, 1205 Wittich Hall.

How do I find who my advisor is?

Your academic advisor is listed on the right-hand side of your WINGS Student Center.

How often will I meet with my advisor?

Meet with your advisor each semester before your register for next semester's classes.

Meet with your advisor the semester you are enrolled in ACC 221 (typically sophomore year) so your advisor can talk to you about getting admitted to the college. Typically, applications for admission to the college are due mid-semester of the semester you are enrolled in ACC 222. You must be admitted to the college to enroll in 300/400 level Marketing coursework. 

See your advisor if you are having any difficulties, such as, you think you are going to fail a course, you are on probation currently, or think your GPA may fall below 2.0. Likewise, if you are having difficulty handling day-to-day activities and responsibilities for any reason, please let your advisor know so he or she can direct you to UWL staff qualified to help you with your particular situation.

What do we do when we meet?

In most cases, you will meet with your advisor to plan your courses for the following semester. After you have been formally admitted to the college and will be taking coursework within the major, your advisor may lay out a 3-4 semester plan leading to graduation.

Academic advisors can also provide guidance and ideas regarding different careers within the Marketing discipline; extracurricular activities; and internship or job opportunities.

How can I prepare for our meetings?

To prepare for meeting with your advisor, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements for graduation, review which requirements you have completed, and plan the courses you should be taking the following semester. Your advisor will be able to tell you if your suggested courses will keep you on track for graduation and will make any recommendations he or she thinks will be helpful for you in selecting your courses and preparing for your future career in Marketing.

If you are planning to study abroad, please visit with the Office of International Education before meeting with your advisor. In order to evaluate how a study abroad will influence course selection, it is helpful to know where you plan to study.

You should also be considering whether a minor is right for you and, if so, what minors might be relevant given your interests and long-range career plans.

What if I'm struggling academically?

Contact your advisor and the specific course instructor.

What if I'd like more of a challenge or a new experience?

There are a number of opportunities you can consider. Opportunities often recommended include participation and leadership in extracurricular activities; involvement in undergraduate research; completing an internship; adding a minor or second major; or completing a study abroad experience. We have an active American Marketing Association student chapter and encourage you to get involved with this organization.

How do I apply to graduate?

After you have registered for your last semester of classes, to ensure you have completed all requirements, set up an appointment with the Assistant to the Dean, 1205 Wittich Hall, for a senior credit check.

Log in to WINGS. Go to "My Academics". Complete the "Apply for Graduation" form. 

What are my options after graduation?

Marketing majors have placement rates close to 100% and often are quite successful in their careers. Internships, or any relevant business experience, are often helpful when looking for a job after graduation. Employers also like to see organizational or community involvement so -- get involved in an organization in which you have an interest.

Marketing is a very broad discipline and there are a wide variety of career options. Some examples include new product development, market research, social media, advertising, B2B sales, pricing, and distribution, to just name a few. There is an opportunity that's right for you.


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