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2020 UWL Marketing Graduates!

In spite of this year not ending how we had hoped, your marketing faculty has a few words for you!

Academic Department Associate

Department people

Kenneth Graham  Profile of Kenneth Graham  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
3116 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Marketing Strategy, Integrated Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing

Maggie McDermott  Profile of Maggie McDermott  Meet with me  Office hours

Associate Professor
3112 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Sustainability in Business

Nese Nasif  Profile of Nese Nasif  Office hours

Assistant Professor
3120 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

advertising, services, consumer neuroscience, globalization

Stacy Trisler  Profile of Stacy Trisler  Meet with me  Office hours

3110 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Professional Selling and Sales Management

Sales Team coach

Eagle Sale Club Faculty Advisor

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Marco Vriens  Profile of Marco Vriens

Assistant Professor
3104 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Analytics, Branding, Neuro Science, Machine Learning

Dan Wallace  Profile of Dan Wallace  Office hours

Associate Lecturer
3108 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:



Business Strategy