Microbiology kudos

Paul Schweiger

Paul Schweiger, Microbiology, co-authored the article "Horizontal gene transfer-mediated bacterial strain variation affects host fitness in Drosophila" in BMC Biology published on Sept. 27 by Springer Nature.

Submitted on: Sept. 28

Brenda Leahy, Michele Nauman, Kalia Vang, Ana Mendoza, Corey Sjoquist, Kaylie Connaughty, Heather Dutcher, Britney Heineman, Jake Speer, Maren Walz, Michael Abler, Renee Redman, Zac Knutson, Dawn Hays, Mark Sandheinrich, Ashley Jochimsen, Ryan Friesen, Samuel Schmidt, Meredith Thomsen, Ka Lia Smith, John Kelly, James Longhurst, Natalie Solverson, Christine Manno, Suzanne Anglehart, Anthony Chergosky, Regina Goodnow, Sean Hurtubise, Sandra Grunwald, Betsy Morgan, Nathan Barnhart, Jeff Keenan, Vitaliano Figueroa, Kara Ostlund and Kyle Burke

Brenda Leahy, Michele Nauman and Kalia Vang, all Academic Advising Center & Career Services; Ana Mendoza and Corey Sjoquist, both Admissions; Kaylie Connaughty, Heather Dutcher, Britney Heineman, Jake Speer and Maren Walz, all Advancement; Michael Abler and Renee Redman, both Biology; Zac Knutson, Budget Office; Dawn Hays, Campus Child Center; Mark Sandheinrich, College of Science & Health; Ashley Jochimsen, Counseling & Testing; Ryan Friesen, English; Samuel Schmidt, Exercise & Sport Science; Meredith Thomsen, Extended Learning; Ka Lia Smith, Financial Aid; John Kelly, Geography & Earth Science; James Longhurst, History; Natalie Solverson, Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning; Christine Manno, Management; Suzanne Anglehart, Microbiology; Anthony Chergosky, Regina Goodnow and Sean Hurtubise, all Political Science & Public Administration; Sandra Grunwald and Betsy Morgan, both Provost's Office; Nathan Barnhart and Jeff Keenan, both Rec Sports; Vitaliano Figueroa, Student Affairs; Kara Ostlund, Student Life; and Kyle Burke, University Centers; served Verification Tent Staffing during Move In Week. THANK YOU to the many staff and faculty who greeted students and their families at the Verification Tent during Residence Life Move In Week. These welcoming faces helped ensure those who are vaccinated are recorded as such and those who are not vaccinated had completed a negative COVID test prior to move in. We could not have completed this large task without their assistance. They have helped keep our community healthy and contributed to the campus-wide endeavor of welcoming students back to campus.

Submitted on: Sept. 13

Haley Castle, Teja Bhimavarapu, Alder Yu, Shianne Stacy, Travis Leuzinger and Paul Schweiger

Haley Castle, BIO: Biology BS; Teja Bhimavarapu, BIO: Biomedical Science BS; Alder Yu, Biology; Shianne Stacy, MIC: Clinical Microbiology; Travis Leuzinger, MIC: Microbiology BS; and Paul Schweiger, Microbiology; presented "Circadian rhythms in gut microbes of Drosophila melanogaster" at the 2020 Midwest Drosophila Conference on Oct. 24 in Online (Hosted by Indiana University Bloomington).

Submitted on: Nov. 4, 2020

Paul Schweiger

Paul Schweiger, Microbiology, received the award for "Evaluating and optimizing the production of the vitamin C precursor, 2-keto-L-gulonate, in an engineered one-pot production system" from WiSys. The Launch Grant is to support the further development of technology that has been accepted as WiSys Intellectual Property.

Submitted on: Oct. 19, 2020

Taviare Hawkins

Taviare Hawkins, Microbiology, presented "an invited talk on Microscopic Mechanics" at Physics Seminar at University of Minnesota Duluth on April 30, 2018 in Duluth, MN.

Submitted on: April 30, 2018