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Our people

The Department Microbiology has ten Microbiologists with full time commitments in the Microbiology curriculum and ten additional faculty with partial responsibilities in Microbiology instruction. The Microbiology faculty strive to ensure that students master the material necessary to become competent, practicing Microbiologists. Each is dedicated, helpful, and interested in the student's success and is committed to quality undergraduate education. Faculty are supported by three staff members that run the Microbiology prep room. The prep room staff, along with numerous student employees, ensure that each Microbiology laboratory is set up to allow students maximum hands-on experience in state-of-the-art techniques in Microbiology.


Department Chair

Bernadette Taylor Profile
Associate Professor
3004 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas: Immunology

Academic Department Associate

Susan Hall Profile
Academic Department Associate
3002 Cowley Hall

Department faculty

Suzanne Anglehart Profile
Senior Lecturer
131 Wittich Hall
Marisa Barbknecht Profile
130 Wittich Hall
Specialty areas:

Introductory Microbiology Education

Fish Viruses

Office hours:

Please check syllabus or schedule posted on my office door for a variety of times I am available.

Bonnie Bratina Profile
Associate Professor
3029 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas: Microbial ecology, Aquatic microbiology, Biogeochemistry
Michael Hoffman Profile
3023 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Virology, Director of the Microbiology Master's Programs

Kari Johnson Profile
Clinical Assistant Prof
3013 Cowley Hall
Michael Lazzari Profile
Director Clinical Lab Science
3003 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Clinical Laboratory Science advising

Office hours:

Please email me to setup a meeting.

Xinhui Li Profile
Assistant Professor
3011 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Food microbiology, Antibiotic resistance in food chain, Inactivation of foodborne viruses

Marc Rott Profile
Associate Professor
3030 Cowley Hall
William Schwan Profile Office hours
3027 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Pathogenic bacteriology, drug discovery and preclinical testing, uropathogenic Escherichia coli virulence/gene regulation, Staphylococcus aureus virulence/gene regulation

Bernadette Taylor Profile
Associate Professor
3004 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas: Immunology
Peter Wilker Profile
Assistant Professor
3033 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas: Immunology, influenza viruses
Office hours: Email me to set up an appointment

Department staff

Pamela Benzing Profile
Laboratory Manager I
304 Cowley Hall
Anne Mach Profile
Laboratory Manager I
Specialty areas:

Science Education and Immunology

Rebecca Polanowski Profile
Instructional Specialist
304A Cowley Hall

Additional faculty

Michael Abler Profile
Associate Professor
3020 Cowley Hall
Scott Cooper Profile
3022 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Effects of hibernation on blood clotting in 13-lined ground squirrels.

Office hours:

E-mail me to set up a meeting.

Anne Galbraith Profile
Associate Professor
3025 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Genetics, genetic disorders, genetics, moleular biology, genetics, baker's yeast, genetics

Office hours:

Listed on course syllabi

Rick Gillis Profile
3014 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas: I am a broadly trained zoologist with an interest in the ecology of whole organisms, particularly amphibians and reptiles. A good deal of my time is also committed to the continuing development and maintenance of the Animal Biology and Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory web sites as well as the Department of Biology web site.
Office hours: To see my Office Hours for the current semester or to find out more about me or how to reach me, please click on My Homepage.
Roger Haro Profile
Associate Dean
105E Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Aquatic entomology, river ecology, mercury transport in freshwater foodwebs and the landscape ecology of watersheds, higher education analytics.

Mark Sandheinrich Profile
Csh-Interim Dean
105 Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Aquatic toxicology, fish ecology

Office hours:

By appointment

Gregory Sandland Profile
2032 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Host-parasite interactions, life-history evolution, disease ecology, invasive species dynamics, mathematical biology

Office hours:

Listed in syllabi

Eric Strauss Profile
2033 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas: Limnology, Ecosystem Ecology, Water Quality
Office hours: Eric Strauss Webpage
Thomas Volk Profile
3024 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Mycology, Plant Pathology, especially Forest Pathology

 Adjunct and clinical faculty 
William A. Agger, M.D. 
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation 
Mark Borchardt, Ph.D.
Marshfield Medical Research Foundation 
Steven Callister, Ph.D.
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation
Jeffrey Christensen, Ph.D.
Marshfield Medical Research Foundation 
Jay Ellingson, Ph.D.
Food Safety & Quality Assurance, Kwik Trip, Inc. 
Thomas Fritsche, M.D., Ph.D. 
Marshfield Medical Research Foundation 
Randall J. Hunt, Ph.D.
US Geological Survey
Dean Jobe, M.S.  
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation
Todd Kowalski, M.D. 
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation 
Becky A. Lasee, Ph.D.
Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center, USGS 
Steven D. Lovrich, Ph.D. 
Gundersen Lutheran Medical 
Richard McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Gateway Technical College 
Jennifer K. Meece, Ph.D. 
Marshfield Medical Research & Education Foundation
Derek Moore, M.P.H. 
Marshfield Medical Research & Education Foundation 
Mary S. Morris, M.D. 
Allergy Associates/Franciscan Skemp Mayo Healthcare 
Darby Oldenburg, Ph.D. 
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation
Ruth A. Paur, M.S. 
Univ. of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sci. 
Kurt Reed, M.D. 
Northwestern University 
Don Salter, Ph.D.
Leuther Laboratories, LLC 
Jeffrey S. Sartin, M.D. 
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation 
Carl Shelly, D.Phil. 
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation 
Mary E. Stemper, M.S. M.T.(ASCP)
Marshfield Laboratories 
Purnendu C. Vasavada, M.D. 
University of Wisconsin - River Falls 
Doug White, M.D., Ph.D
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation
Catherine Wright, Ph.D.  


Emeritus faculty 
Robert Burns, Ph.D.   S.N. Rajagopal, Ph.D. 
Diane Sewell, Ph.D. MLS(ASCP) CM   
Martin Venneman, Ph.D.   
Michael Winfrey, Ph.D.