Due to COVID-19, our physical office is closed. However, all classes will be held online and instructors and staff are working remotely. We recommend email or Canvas to reach instructors and email or phone for departmental business.

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  • Undergraduate Research is an important mission of the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. The University has instituted a number of programs to promote and in some cases fund undergraduate research. 
  • The College of Science and Health has additional funding opportunities including travel and supply grants, and summer fellowships. In the microbiology program, the faculty provide a number of opportunities for students to do research in areas as diverse as food microbiology, microbial genetics, virology, environmental microbiology, immunology and pathogenic bacteriology. 
  • Students can also enroll for Independent Research credit (MIC 499). Check out the "Our people" page to find out the research interests of the various faculty members in the department. Some microbiology students do microbiology-related research with BiologyChemistry and Biochemistry faculty as well.