Nate Irvine and Karl Krogman Micro and CLS graduating seniors mingling Tara Weiler, Val Zander, Mike Connor and Marisa Barbknecht A gathering of Micro men
Micro and CLS graduating seniors mingling Rachel Campbell, Bonnie Jo Bratina, Sue Angelhart, Diane Sewell, and Marisa Barbknecht Jennifer Smith, Anne Galbraith, Marc Rott, Kelly Tunder Marc Rott, Kelly Tunder, Tara Weiler, Val Zander and April Heissler
Joshua Laurila, Mike Connors, Victor Sherony Amanda Schenk, Nathan Fortney, Shannon Kordus and Alyssa Leystra Andy Hart, Derrick Berg, Elizabeth Seramur and Amanda Schenk
Diane Sewell, ?, Jessica Trainor, ? Bill Schwan, John Wallace, Mike Hoffman and Bernadette Taylor Kelly Tunder, Tara Weiler, and Tricia Flaherty
Val Zander - Senior of the Year Dr. Winfrey handing out awards MIC 425 section 10L wins! Derrick Berg wins an award
Victor Sherony wins an award Faculty skit - Dr. Taylor Faculty Skit - Dr. Taylor as a B cell Faculty Skit - Dr. Hoffmanas an undifferentiated B cell
Scene from faculty skit Faculty skit - Dr. Bratina as Katie Couric Faculty skit - Raj as Special Correspondent Graduate group shot
CLS graduates