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Residence Hall and Room Styles

A page within Residence Life

Learn more about our different styles of residence halls and room offerings by clicking on the options below.  You can also find out more information about a specific residence hall or our housing rates & costs.

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Cube, Wing, and Traditional Halls

To help with your comparison, please review these Residence Hall type descriptions. For more detailed descriptions, please visit The Residence Halls section of our website.

What is a cube?

Cube buildings are comprised of two or three, four-story, cube-shaped buildings, interconnected by hallways between the cubes. Resident rooms comprise the outside walls of the structure and surround a common stairwell and shared bathroom space. Cube Diagram

What is a wing?

Wing residence halls have long running hallways with student rooms on either side.

What does traditional hall mean?

Traditional hall means students live in standard double room or triple rooms in a living community sharing a common, large-bathroom facility.


Traditional Double

What is a traditional double?

Traditional Doubles are two-person rooms in all halls except Eagle and Reuter Halls.
Traditional Triple

Traditional Triples are three-person, corner rooms in our cube halls: Angell, Coate, Drake and Hutchison Halls.

Suites & Apartments

What is a suite?

Eagle Maroon or Eagle Gray Suite Triples are three-person rooms sharing a bathroom with the adjoining suite.

What is an apartment?

Reuter Apartment - single person bedroom in an apartment with three other single bedrooms. The apartment features a common living room, kitchen, and bathroom for the four roommates. The image to the right is an example of one of 11 floor plans available in Reuter Hall.
Extended housing: Three-person Double

Three-person double rooms

Three-person double rooms are a limited number of extended housing rooms available in all halls except Eagle and Reuter Halls. These traditional double space rooms have been converted to accommodate three students. These rooms have a reduced housing rate of $400 per semester. 

If you have further questions regarding this housing option, please contact the Office of Residence Life at or 608.785.8075.

Traditional double

Three-person double room

Extended Housing: Four-person Quad

Quads are a limited number of extended housing spaces accommodating four students available in Laux, Sanford, Wentz and White Halls. Quads are large rooms similar to the size of two regular double occupancy rooms or larger (size: approximately 30’ long x 12’ wide x 8’ high).