UWL Instagram Takeover Application

Welcome to the UW-La Crosse Social Media Takeover application!

Thank you for your interest in telling your story! Please take time to fill out the application below and review the guidelines on the following page. While this is meant to be a fun experience - there are important measures to take prior to getting things started!

Takeovers allow us, the campus community, to showcase our campus, our atmosphere, and pride to current students, future students, alum and others that are wanting to keep up with what we've got cooking. Candidates must be passionate about their experiences at UWL and feel comfortable in front of a camera - promoting themselves and the university to a wide and diverse audience. Please keep this in mind before continuing with the application.

Wondering what it looks like? Here's a few examples to help you understand what we'd be looking to do (note: while these are full videos, they are a compilation of much smaller clips and pictures taken over a multi-hour time period):

Student takeoverStaff takeoverAlum takeover

I am a...
Do you actively use Instagram?

Polices & Guidelines

Please take a moment to read through the following guidelines and policies before submitting your application. You can also download a copy here for future referral. 

What to know:

  1. 10,000+ people could potentially see your posting. Don’t post anything you are not comfortable sharing on a major platform.
  2. Be yourself! Relax and have fun. This is meant to be a real, genuine posting from a person passionate about UWL. Are you passionate? Show it. Have creative ideas? Try them.
  3. University Communications will be monitoring the account at various times throughout your takeover.
  4. Prepare yourself for any type of response. We are thankful to have had little to no negativity during takeovers but know this is always a possibility.
  5. Login credentials for the account will be shared with you the morning of your scheduled takeover via a password sharing app. You will never actually see the password. This can be a somewhat complicated process. Expect to work this out with a University Communications staff member prior to your takeover.
  6. Once the takeover ends, your access will be revoked and the login credentials will no longer be accessible. 


  1. Start your post with an introduction of yourself. This includes your name, expected or actual graduation year, major and anything else you’d like the audience to know. Faculty and staff: let us know how long you’ve been on campus as well as your position/office!
  2. Have ways to visually highlight your overall purpose of the takeover. Showcasing a specific office or organization? Supplement the content you provide with video or pictures.
  3. Have a plan in place. It will be much easier having a schedule ready for what and when you plan to post. This is extremely important and will be discussed with University Communications prior to beginning your takeover.
  4. Make sure to end with a sign off to signify that the takeover has ended.
  5. Feel free to take questions and answer via stickers or direct messages. Engaging your audience is important! Do a mix of direct messaging and answering publicly.
  6. Use text and captions. This is IMPORTANT. If you use video or vlog most of your content, plan to caption it with Instagram's text tool.
  7. Give yourself a buffer at the end of each video so you don’t cut yourself off.
  8. Aim to post anywhere between 10-30 times. Too little doesn’t constitute as a takeover. Too many might become overwhelming for the audience to follow.
  9. If your schedule allows for it, spread content out throughout the entire day. You are “taking over” our Instagram for the entire day. Make the most out of it!

Do not:

  1. Do not promote alcohol use or drugs in any way.
  2. Do not use profanity. This includes yourself, friends, or background sound.
  3. Do not use disrespectful or hurtful gestures.
  4. Do not record while in harmful situations for yourself or others such as driving.
  5. Do not wear clothing or merchandise that features other universities.
  6. Do not use photos or videos of people who do not want to be featured in the posting.
  7. Do not use music that is not in the public domain. Because we are an Instagram “Business Account,” we do not have the same abilities to share music in our posts as all personal Instagram accounts have.
  8. Do not post anything that is against the UWL student handbook (uwlax.edu/student-life/student-resources/student-handbook) or against UWL’s social media policy (uwlax.edu/info/social-media/policy).
  9. Do not respond to messages unrelated to your takeover. Example: an incoming first-year student direct messages our page about housing. University Communications will respond to this request. Only focus on your content or questions related to your content.
  10. Do not post to UWL’s Instagram feed. You are only taking over our Instagram stories. Not the feed. Please do not post, comment, or edit any previous posts as UWL on our feed.

We reserve the right, at any time, for any reason, to edit your story by deleting posts. You are a guest on this account and University Communications is the owner. If you have any questions or concerns, contact UWL Communications and Social Media Specialist Nick Ragner at nragner@uwlax.edu.