To set-up an account for printing/copying with DigiCOPY, e-mail, with the information noted below.  Please be sure to copy this e-mail to your supervisor; this e-mail serves as campus authorization for you to charge printing/copying to your department account.

In the SUBJECT line of your e-mail, please enter:  DigiCOPY Account Set-Up

In the BODY of your email, please include: 

  • First and last name
  • E-mail address
  • Campus phone number
  • Department name and address
  • Funding code(s): list all funding codes that you plan to use when ordering print/copy from DigiCOPY.  Example: 128-1-072499
  • Remember to copy your supervisor!

Once your request is reviewed and verified by the Purchasing Agent, this information will be sent to DigiCOPY and your account will be set-up.  You will be notified when the on-line ordering system is "live" for you to use.  Please be sure to include all the information requested above for a quick turn-around time!

If copies are needed before your account set-up is complete, contact UWL's DigiCOPY Customer Service Representative at 608-782-4355.