CBA Faculty-Led Study Abroad

Summer 2023 CBA Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our UWL Faculty-Led study abroad programs allow students the opportunity to be able to travel internationally with one or more of our UWL faculty. The faculty-led programs offer housing, in-country transportation, cultural excursions, and international insurance within the cost of the trip. 

UWL Faculty-Led programs are perfect for students who are wanting to travel abroad for a shorter amount of time as well as have a specific area of what they would like to study. The programs can provide students with time to bond with classmates and their professors over priceless memories being made while abroad.

Each program takes approximately 12 or more students.

The UWL Faculty-Led programs are constantly changing. The programs typically run 1-2 courses that range from 2-6 credits. The CBA Faculty-Led programs provide classes taught in the College of Business Administration at UWL.

Find out more information regarding CBA Faculty-Led study abroad programs and other UWL study abroad options here.