LGBTQ History Month

Join us monthly as we celebrate a different community on campus. UWL Celebration Months amplifies voices from the many vibrant cultures and communities on campus. Join us throughout the year as we celebrate our friends and neighbors and gain a deeper understanding of our community.

The purpose of this project is to give others on our campus, in the surrounding community, and anyone that visits the UWL website a chance to learn more about different experiences and perspectives of the community that we are celebrating on any given month.

Allies and advocates are invited to share their stories.

UWL Celebrates

LGBTQ History Month

About LGBTQ History Month

LGBTQ History Month marks and celebrates the lives and achievements of lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender people in the United States. 


LGBTQ History Month is nationally observed during the full month of October. UWL chose to observe this full month in June 2022 along with Pride Month; October's observation is Oct.17-Oct.31, 2022.